Saturday, August 30


recently i've been extremely lazy and reluctant to blog. i actually find a hassle to type everything, because even a thousand words can't completely recap an experience.
i discussed how i always forget what to type, with binnie. he said just jot it down asap... very helpful tip! however, i am no expert at (legible) shorthand. :(

what a clever little bitch... :P my dog just tipped over her water bowl (in the bathroom), spilling it over my tiles/carpet... and she quickly ran under my bed. when i nonchalantly passed by the bathroom, she crept out of the bed to see my reaction. sly twerp! (just kidding, i still love her very much... even though she gnaws at everything she sees!)

i was so furious at my younger cousin, denny, the other day, since he wouldn't allow diana to ride his bike... guess what?! some spikey object hit his tire, ahaha. he had to get it fixed. serves him right! *cough* murphy's law *cough*
besides... you know what i caught him doing in diana's bedroom?!?! he was fapping to hentai watching azumanga daioh which is even worse, in my opinion!! while i was laughing uncontrollably, he tried to defend himself by claiming the series was for boys and girls (what's the terminology? shōjo? shōnen?). loser! and no, kevin/ian (as they both sound gay ;) the same), that isn't hentai. P: i wish it was (just keeding kneading!).
diana makes terrific cookies and delicious, moist cake!

on thursday, i got a locker at school and bumped into nick a. we got a locker next to each other! mine is in the c-area, though, and he has a bottom locker.. sad! we encountered dukim, quynh, linh, catherine, etc. since nick and i live in the same neighborhood, we're going to walk to school together for the first day. after long conversations, i hung out with judy and catherine. we finally caught up to dukim and nick. judy and nick left, so we decided to hang out at costco... the hottest teenager hangout place 8)! actually, i failed to "sneak in", so i withered away into dust particles talked to african-american costco employee and "spied" on asian families. after a billion of years, catherine and dukim left costco and got me tons of things! i love you guys. thanks for the samples and hot dog :). after the whole costco fiasco :P, we found our way into the neighboring office depot, aka the best store ever. seriously, we spent three hours at that damn store. i blame catherine. then dukim and catherine did tons of math, that i believe i might've fallen a sleep for a moment! dukim's mother gave us a ride home, even though catherine was contemplating whether or not to get that damned grass jelly!

i was dropped off at catherine's pad, and we hung out. when i say 'hung out' i really mean watching celine dion - live in las vegas: a new day :P. her blu-ray disc player and her surround sound system was very impressive, but i swear... when my uncle/her dad came out, he urged her to make it if it was not loud enough already!! it was so loud, i had to yell to talk to her. unfortunately, when my request for a decreased volume was fulfilled, catherine whined about the decibel. it was actually pretty fun, but catherine kept on pestering me whether i wanted ice cream, soda, drinks, cantaloupes, apples, etc. we walked to cecelia's house, had a long discussion... or, rather, i had a long discussion. catherine was just hanging there, nodding. then i had to run back for the meeting.

after the whole trip, i ran back to quyen's house. yes, i was away for two days due to certain class of 2011 (sophomore class) relations. not much was accomplished on thursday, but it was interesting prying through quyen's stuff :P, drawing a certain entrance with dukim and hieu, and showing sylvia sketches. the meeting ended pretty late, and we were sketching for so long we didn't even know the meeting ended.

on friday, there was another '11 enchilada. i was pretty upset, because lisa wanted to go to los angeles with me. she left without me *sobs, to get crepes too!*, but the whole rendezvous was pretty fun. just hanging out with nyvia, binnie, hieu, sylvia, and dukim! i will only listen to sylvia if someone is forcibly shoving pizza down my throat! i swear, i didn't want to eat your pizza, nyvia! haha. sorry about my distinctive sharpie dent ): (no, not harvey dent!). oh dear, dent, the broken screen door, the "bridges", spilled varnish, what could i not do?! my sincere apologies :(. sylvia was extremely pro stat with her work. nice reenactment (dukim has an awesome sinister voice)! dukim, hieu, and i got delicious home depot "samples"... hehe. 7-eleven was funky! that creepy boy at church... and how you guys always need to pee. seriously!

today i went to westminster mall with dukim and hieu. but because i did not have my bike money, i could not buy anything... so much goodies at foreign exchange, too! sorry dukim and hieu, i was a total pooping snickerdoodle. my feet were hurting like a mother ship, and i just had to sit down wherever. i love how dukim is so harsh when hieu asks, "does this shirt look okay?" ;)
saw some similar faces.. notably jenny q.! ha :P sorry about the bath & body works thing, dukim :(. hieu's aunt gave me a ride home, thankfully... since certain people wouldn't pick up...

oh, and to father cow... thanks for not showing up to the wedding on thursday!! hmph *hates* >:( assertive, my ass! );

yes, it's been like, three days, and my life is still very boring!



Anonymous said...

Long day! I was at the wedding! I was invisible.

- Uber Cool Papa Cow

Anonymous said...

:O NICE SKIMMING... i can see you've been drinking you're skim milk from the mistresses!!

- Uber Fool Papa Cow

Anonymous said...

you know you could uhh..write less? o_o;;

Jennifer said...

you know you could less mean? o_o;;

just kidding (yeah, i'm not funny ;~;)!

this is below 1000 words! :( i'll try to lessen what i type more... hard to recap three packed days with a maximum D:
lol, xoxo

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