Thursday, November 27


because game guard is apparently already running, i can't play maple story now... unless i restart my compooper. i'm far too lazy to do so, and justina reminded me to "add a new chapter to [my] blog". she's right, i haven't updated this "baby" in a long time!

today is thursday, november 27th... happy thanksgiving y'all, and i wish a very, very, very happy fifteenth birthday to my "lovely" cousin, catherine! (you may know her as the fair hair goddess...) thanks for all the times you were nice to me, and those times you bombarded me with your notes in ap euro! :D i cherish all of those terrifying moments.

a reminder: please visit, add, and spread the word about the "new" class of 2011 myspace! it's apparent that it is still under construction.. so visit it often!

i'm so jealous i couldn't watch twilight with the hieu and dukim crew! even though i was hesitant about even watching it.. next time, y'all! i wanted to get home to go to sleep :(! sorry to hieu who didn't get in for free, LOL!

oh my gosh, i kept justina's ordinary people for two weeks now! i promise i'm watching it tomorrow!!

i've been pretty obsessed with maplestory recently (as embarrassing it is/hard to admit). i joined on my birthday, november 12... and it's the 25th now. i'm only lvl 28 (rogue... soon to be sin)! if you ever play on broa, my ign is jennnsta. hit me up or something, and let's PQ!
i really fornicated up my stats. i had 4 STR and 4 INT, which is the lowest for those two. remember, i have a thief, and i'm not going to be a dexless sin! i was playing really late one time, and i was so tired, while doing my ability points... i put 2 in my dex (normal), and instead of putting 3 in my luck, i put it, accidentally, in my INT (abnormal)!!! i didn't even realize it until the day after. so, now my stats are 4 STR, 7 INT, 56 DEX, and 69+ LUK. grr!

stephanie's coming home.. i'm so excited!
on the weekend (november 21-23), i went down to San Diego to visit my sister and have thanksgiving din din, lisa pizza! it was the first time i've ever been to her apartamente. joseph dropped by right after school to pick me and david up. unfortunately, i was taking a shower thus we were almost late... late meaning hitting the traffic jam! we got there at around 6, or something. it was so funny in the car. sorry, joseph about how much david a dick is!! right when we got there, we hung out at the small apartment of hers, then left to go to cheesecake factory for my very informal birthday dinner. after eating not-so-great-pasta, we went to her apartment. joseph left a few hours later. david and i spontaneously slept over, thanks to duyen's extremely welcoming tricks-of-the-trade! we didn't bring any homework, too! the day after, lisa tutored me with electron configuration and orbital notation, woot woot. then she told us to leave their "working" vicinity, since her roomies (duyen, celina, ruth) had to make a thanksgiving "feast" for over 15 people! in no time, it was done, and people started to come over. it was actually a really fun day, with thanh and chris h. who came all the way from O.C. & L.A., respectively, to see us (er, more like lisa & her roomies). when the dinner began, we rushed towards the food, having that we didn't eat anything the whole day. it was surprisingly delicious! although the biscuits were aesthetically unappealing, it was scrumptious. and i mean that with a capital S & a homer simpson drooling face! after the whole shebang, we even had freaking dessert. if i knew this, i wouldn't have eaten so much grub. then, i went on the comp to talk to justina and some other unimportant people (just kidding! i just forgot who you were, if anyone at all... D: ). then, after hearing such commotion in the living/family room, i went outside to see the whole college/adult crowd (and david, since he's 16) play cranium! since there was already 4 people on each team, i went to join david's losing team (red). we were actually somewhat of an underdog, since we started to get a whole bunch right at the end! so ha! so sad for celina, she was humming satisfaction by rolling stones, and no one got it! she knew every pop culture-related card. the game was so so fun! i wanted to join chris's and thanh's team (green), since they actually tied with lisa's team (yellow?)... but it was like they won, since they cheered, took so many pictures too. after the whole game, they planned to go to a karaoke bar and get crunky (jk), and thanh and chris drove us home. well, chris drove thanh's car. considering he is caucasian, and she has a considerably nice car for asians (mercedes)... for the first time, i felt what 100mph felt like on the freeway. that's why chris shouldn't bring his ipod!! he always dances like crazy, while driving, lol! it was such a funny ride, but david fell asleep. we went home, but david's hosue was locked. he slept over at my house as an alternative, and we "par-tayed". not really. and that was my uneventful/so very amusing dinner at SD! (haha, the worse concluding sentence ever)
i wanted to come down again, since we're having our thanksgiving break (november 26-december 1), but steph's coming here... so yep!

klunker bunks puked on my bed just an hour ago! it's gonna be hard to clean... but i'm just worried about klunk's health, for now.

oh gosh, i realize how much times i hit "return"... lo siento!
i'm going to post a very special entry soon (like, tomorrow status)! so remember to check! (:


Wednesday, November 12


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Tuesday, November 11


i'm doing my english project for dos santos, at the moment. however, it's failing, because the fucking site she provided doesn't even fucking work. our topic is "holocaust heroes", except mine doesn't seem to be very known... his name doesn't emit enough results in google for me to even make a sufficient powerpoint presentation. i guess i'm okay though... just a little moment of slight anger ripping out. (his name was lazlo ocskay, if you were wondering.) but again, their work is incredibly honorable. and veteran's day is today too! it saddens me, yet i still feel grateful.

anyway, today was quite an eventful "birthday eve" (thanks, justina!)!. i arrived at catherine's house way later than i told her (i came at 10:54 AM, when i told her i was going to be there at 9). we also left towards tiffany's house very late. catherine brought this jello/gelatin she "made". strangely, we practiced the dance for a very short time. then, we started walking to genki living near the korean district. it was hilarious, since we were required to jump over a fence and a wall. i've never done that before, so it was really cool! it was scary at first, and i hurt my ankles when i jumped off the wall.. but it was all good. but, dude, catherine... man... i have to say we had to cheer her on for her to even start climbing the fence. tiffany was a pro though; she jumped off both with sandals! it was such a hysterical moment, even linh said we should've recorded it. we met up with kathy luu. i haven't seen her in such a long time, so when we talk, it does get awkward (since there is just so much to talk about, it's like nothing to talk about!), but we both agreed to how we're always connected by heart. i wish i could talk to her more, because i thought she was going to eat with us!! :( but instead, she was just talking to tiffany and then left. the next time we see each other, we'll take pics! hahaha. i hope that's soon, since we rarely see each other. seriously! :O we were supposed to take pictures today, but :'( i didn't want to (seeing that i was wearing quyen's sweats and an old white t-shirt). i love you kathy :D. and of course, catherine, ahahaha.
we walked home eating crepes, and we watched a bit of american psycho on her blu-ray disc player. we had to turn it off though, since it was quite inappropriate. we'll finish it next time!! catherine freaked out since i touched her kelly and susi. she thinks i'm a molester :O.
i love how me and linh glance at each other when catherine does something funky :D.

justina lent me her ordinary people dvd. i'm probably going to watch it this weekend. oh! and i watched stand by me and juno a while ago. i'll rave about them later :).. if i didn't already.

happy birthday, quynh k.!


nozomarenu (12:00:16 AM): HAPPY
nozomarenu (12:00:21 AM): BIRTHDAYYYYY
first person to tell me that! (on the day of, anyway, hehe.)
i love mandy! :D

Friday, November 7


vgotskypiaget: wabababaaa
vgotskypiaget: you have reached 1-800-PSY-LINE
vgotskypiaget: if you are OCD,
vgotskypiaget: please press 1 repeatedly
vgotskypiaget: if you are co-dependent, please have someone press two for you
vgotskypiaget: if you have Dissociative Identity Disorder, please have your identities press 3, 4, 5 for you
vgotskypiaget: if you have amnesia, please press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6
vgotskypiaget: if you have schizophrenia, please listen to your inner voice; it will tell you which button to press
vgotskypiaget: If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969.
vgotskypiaget: If you are menopausal, hang up, turn on the fan, lie down & cry. You won't be crazy forever.
vgotskypiaget: If you have a masochistic complex, please press "0" for the operator. There are 200 calls ahead of you.
vgotskypiaget: If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
vgotskypiaget: If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, slowly and carefully press 000.
vgotskypiaget: If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.
vgotskypiaget: Please press something or don't press something now to be put to the next available operator who has a degree in these sorts of stuff.


vgotskypiaget: thank you very much
vgotskypiaget: we hope that advice was useful
vgotskypiaget: we will be charging you $400
vgotskypiaget: thank you
vgotskypiaget: please don't call back again

Sunday, November 2


i'm sorry for our friends out there. yes, it's true, our (quynh, du kim, and i) all have birthdays on the same week (11th, 15th, 12th, respectively). expect to empty out your fat ass wallets! i kid.
so du kim pretty much pressured me into showing my wishlist via internets, so here ya go. it's text and links, not the A+ impressive ones quynh and du kim made. unoriginality for the lose :'(
but anyhow. i hate making wishlists. a lot. they're so very time consuming and additionally make you look like a huge spoiled biotch. i assure you i'm not!!! yet ;) heheheeehehehehehaheheheheeghahahahaha

god, getting older sucks. birthdays are a constant cognizance of how you're one year closer to death. carpe diem. whatever. i'm a boring person, and i always will be >:(!! if i have any younger readers out there, cherish your childhood, before it's too late! seriously, like justina says, there are some kids who grow up too quickly...

there's nothing more expensive than priceless friends and family—the truly best things in life. if you can stick a price tag to any, i'd buy a million. (actually, not really... clones can be quite a frightening threat. :D) anyway, what i mean is i honestly don't want anything for my birthday. and i know some people who are going to say, "fuck you, bitch! i needa buy you something!!"
it wasn't finished yet (...then i realized it already had a lot lot lot lot of things), but i present to you, my extremely long, lame, embarrassing, deadly wishlist.


hell yeah, money makes the world go around

the third (clear) Sir Brookies;; $329 NZD = $183 USD; available at Barney's

Scottish Plaid Short Duffle Coat;; 280 Euros = $353; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - Tree;; $25; available online

Silver Pochette;; $48; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - leaf;; $25; available online

Recycled Record Clock;; $28; available online

Multicolored Skateboard Bracelet;; $24; available online

Tampon Doll;; $10; available online

Baby Cloud Doll;; $15; available online

Jumbo Cloud Doll;; $20; available online

Happy Bread Doll;; $20; available online

winnie-the-pooh related trinkets

Black Kit-Cat/Kitty Cat Classic;; $35-$40; available online at or (thanks, linh!)

Cut Brass Necklace;; $32; available online

Mustache Brass Charm Necklace;; $40; available online

ANY books
like Frog and Toad books, classics, Dilbert and other comic books, modern books, picture books, poetry books, etc. i need to fill up my empty bookcase :(. OLD/USED BOOKS ARE FINE TOO!! i like to read different things :)

any color, preferably Black, Clear, or White Wayfarers;; around $100; available at most sunglasses places (like Sunglasses Hut)

antique/skeleton keys
google images for it. if you give me 1, i would be so happy!

dog tag necklace, esp. from aldo or nick jonas (LOL)

rubik's cube

newton's cradle

souvenirs from around the world!

teddy bears

any size, i like small and big ones

grey long-sleeved things?!
like jackets or sweaters or hoodies (:

colored leggings
i want the rainbow :D

new flats ._.
size 8!?

a bunny
O_O don't ask. but i want one!

like altoids, paint, coffee, hat, cookie, tea, moxie (LOL), etc. it's even cooler with pictures on it! :) of course, they can be used/old!!!

glass bottles and jars
of course, can be used! or can still have the drink inside! haha. but if it's alcohol, don't bring it to school! lol :P

any necklace from Forever-21!! and i mean any necklace.
i love all of the charm, key, feather, bow, vintage, heart, clock, (multi) chain, locket necklaces!!

Lux Beaded Bracelet Set;; $4; available at Forever-21 & online

Gold or Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace;; $6; available at Forever-21 & online

Tiny Harmonica Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Grandpa's Pocket Watch Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Silver Spoon Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pocket Watch Necklace
;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Destination Charm Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Rosebud Salve
;; $8; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pom Pom Beanie
;; $12.80; available at Forever-21 & online

metal whistle

gnomes and gnomey things



snow globes

one of these dank shit


a good grade in ap euro
...and exceptional grades in chemistry/trig! D:


baked goodies

color ink for my "new" canon i560 printer (thanks, chris!)

nintendo ds lite (since the ds victor gave me is long gone... *cough* -_-)

stars and all that nice origami shit

a new collar or clothes for my dog, klunkers
she's size s, not xs!! a chihuahua/terrier mix :)

vinyl records

pocket watches, wristband watches, etc.

signs ;)

picture frames
i don't care if they're cheap!! >:O i need 'em :)

handmade knickknacks (yes, i stole this from your list, du kim!! :D)

home decor

Father Cow


for my sisters and david to visit me at home :'(

my bike

fuck you guys. i love you. and anything you give me i will love too... eventually. just kidding :D. you don't have to get anything, if anything at all, identical to this wishlist. and a special shout-out to my poorer friends out there, i like cards/letters too! hint hint! ;P


p.s. cecilia's and catherine's birthdays are also in november! watch out :O

Saturday, November 1


i'm totally in the midst of posting my homecoming week entries... yet i still haven't gotten the time to do so. and, well, it's already november!! you can see how many entries i have from september and october, compared to august... i really miss vacations. one more month! :)
and great news (not really), i'm actually passing chemistry!! :/

anyway! yesterday was halloween. i trick-or-treated with hieu, jenny, diana, catherine, dung, linh n., linh's friend, his baby sister, nicole, and nicole's baby brother. hieu and jenny came over to david's house, where i was totally drooling over their couch. it was pretty embarrassing too, since i had nasty oily bedhead hair. i didn't have a costume, so hieu gave me his fairy wings quyen lent him. we left with diana and walked towards linh's house. we were there for actually awhile, since we didn't want to leave too early; catherine was going to be there at 7:30. :| so yes, catherine, you were a burden! dude, talking to that guy on the webcam was hilarious... with all of us!! i bet we freaked him out. and i didn't know he could hear us!! or else i wouldn't have said that bushy 'brows comment! D:
lol. dung, hieu, diana, and i were always last!! but when catherine arrived... we were so slow, me, catherine, and dung actually lost them... so we went to a different route (not really, we went through claudia's street, waaaay behind them).
the complete highlight of the day was the magic house!! i remember he said, "this is a magic house. come in! come inside!" i thought he was a pedophile, but his wife was sitting in the living room. he was elderly, yet he was young at heart!! it was so fucking awesome. diana and i are totally going there again next year!! we didn't get to see all his tricks :( because he had a lot, and people were coming! it was only to his like doorway, so you can imagine how many people it could fit. too bad only me, catherine, dung, hieu, diana, and some other grove people we didn't come with saw it!! it was hella awesome. he said we gave him the first applause of the night!! he deserves more!! it was completely amusing!!! and it's hands on, so i did this magic slate thing... so cool :O even if it's illusions, it's fucking awesome!! :D
dude there was this haunted house! it was really impressive for something you can do by yourself. and at the "end", you can choose from all these nice candy/granola bars/chips!! it's really cool... and quite scary. it reminded me of last week, where me, kevin, and ashley went to life night's haunted house. it was pretty scary and fun, since we also went with tiffany, kea, judy, and nataly, but then it got kinda weird. church was fun though! :/ fucking stupid ass guys who "shat". the guy threw something at us, and it hit my head! i'm so gonna kick their....

anyway, at the end of the night, hieu, diana, and i walked home. we were locked out of the house, so we traded candy in the dark. :D i enjoy the deals we made, hieu! i traded my king size snickers bar for his halloween makeup (worth like, $4) dung bought for him... mwahahhaa, i hate snickers too >:D.

halloween was fun. it was a shame i couldn't spend it with my best friend. like, last year's was really fun (with nick a., nick j., melissa s., and justina)... even though i was only there for an hour. the pacifica area is pretty nice! :D

i don't know if i'm going to go next year. after all, i am getting old :(. and i wanna give out candy!! :D the joy of seeing young kids.

...getting candy. :PPP
kevin and catherine think i'm a pedo! :(


p.s. oh yeah, since i'm too lazy to post another entry... on saturday, we had a family gathering at catherine's house. it was same old same old, since i haven't gone to one in quite awhile. i talked to lots of (young) people, and many of the older ones asked me about how i'm doing in school. funny. catherine, cecelia, and i hung out at her room! except they stayed in there when we were supposed to pray. loooosers! :P and i stayed at catherine's house for like, 4 extra hours O_O. wow. you should hear catherine play the piano! not so shabby :). yep. so that was my weekend! bye loves!

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