Sunday, November 2


i'm sorry for our friends out there. yes, it's true, our (quynh, du kim, and i) all have birthdays on the same week (11th, 15th, 12th, respectively). expect to empty out your fat ass wallets! i kid.
so du kim pretty much pressured me into showing my wishlist via internets, so here ya go. it's text and links, not the A+ impressive ones quynh and du kim made. unoriginality for the lose :'(
but anyhow. i hate making wishlists. a lot. they're so very time consuming and additionally make you look like a huge spoiled biotch. i assure you i'm not!!! yet ;) heheheeehehehehehaheheheheeghahahahaha

god, getting older sucks. birthdays are a constant cognizance of how you're one year closer to death. carpe diem. whatever. i'm a boring person, and i always will be >:(!! if i have any younger readers out there, cherish your childhood, before it's too late! seriously, like justina says, there are some kids who grow up too quickly...

there's nothing more expensive than priceless friends and family—the truly best things in life. if you can stick a price tag to any, i'd buy a million. (actually, not really... clones can be quite a frightening threat. :D) anyway, what i mean is i honestly don't want anything for my birthday. and i know some people who are going to say, "fuck you, bitch! i needa buy you something!!"
it wasn't finished yet (...then i realized it already had a lot lot lot lot of things), but i present to you, my extremely long, lame, embarrassing, deadly wishlist.


hell yeah, money makes the world go around

the third (clear) Sir Brookies;; $329 NZD = $183 USD; available at Barney's

Scottish Plaid Short Duffle Coat;; 280 Euros = $353; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - Tree;; $25; available online

Silver Pochette;; $48; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - leaf;; $25; available online

Recycled Record Clock;; $28; available online

Multicolored Skateboard Bracelet;; $24; available online

Tampon Doll;; $10; available online

Baby Cloud Doll;; $15; available online

Jumbo Cloud Doll;; $20; available online

Happy Bread Doll;; $20; available online

winnie-the-pooh related trinkets

Black Kit-Cat/Kitty Cat Classic;; $35-$40; available online at or (thanks, linh!)

Cut Brass Necklace;; $32; available online

Mustache Brass Charm Necklace;; $40; available online

ANY books
like Frog and Toad books, classics, Dilbert and other comic books, modern books, picture books, poetry books, etc. i need to fill up my empty bookcase :(. OLD/USED BOOKS ARE FINE TOO!! i like to read different things :)

any color, preferably Black, Clear, or White Wayfarers;; around $100; available at most sunglasses places (like Sunglasses Hut)

antique/skeleton keys
google images for it. if you give me 1, i would be so happy!

dog tag necklace, esp. from aldo or nick jonas (LOL)

rubik's cube

newton's cradle

souvenirs from around the world!

teddy bears

any size, i like small and big ones

grey long-sleeved things?!
like jackets or sweaters or hoodies (:

colored leggings
i want the rainbow :D

new flats ._.
size 8!?

a bunny
O_O don't ask. but i want one!

like altoids, paint, coffee, hat, cookie, tea, moxie (LOL), etc. it's even cooler with pictures on it! :) of course, they can be used/old!!!

glass bottles and jars
of course, can be used! or can still have the drink inside! haha. but if it's alcohol, don't bring it to school! lol :P

any necklace from Forever-21!! and i mean any necklace.
i love all of the charm, key, feather, bow, vintage, heart, clock, (multi) chain, locket necklaces!!

Lux Beaded Bracelet Set;; $4; available at Forever-21 & online

Gold or Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace;; $6; available at Forever-21 & online

Tiny Harmonica Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Grandpa's Pocket Watch Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Silver Spoon Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pocket Watch Necklace
;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Destination Charm Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Rosebud Salve
;; $8; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pom Pom Beanie
;; $12.80; available at Forever-21 & online

metal whistle

gnomes and gnomey things



snow globes

one of these dank shit


a good grade in ap euro
...and exceptional grades in chemistry/trig! D:


baked goodies

color ink for my "new" canon i560 printer (thanks, chris!)

nintendo ds lite (since the ds victor gave me is long gone... *cough* -_-)

stars and all that nice origami shit

a new collar or clothes for my dog, klunkers
she's size s, not xs!! a chihuahua/terrier mix :)

vinyl records

pocket watches, wristband watches, etc.

signs ;)

picture frames
i don't care if they're cheap!! >:O i need 'em :)

handmade knickknacks (yes, i stole this from your list, du kim!! :D)

home decor

Father Cow


for my sisters and david to visit me at home :'(

my bike

fuck you guys. i love you. and anything you give me i will love too... eventually. just kidding :D. you don't have to get anything, if anything at all, identical to this wishlist. and a special shout-out to my poorer friends out there, i like cards/letters too! hint hint! ;P


p.s. cecilia's and catherine's birthdays are also in november! watch out :O


Anonymous said...

Good Gurl, I knew you wanted me. MMMMM, papie cow . . . XD

I would have thought your list would be like:

- World Peace
- Sugar, spice, and everything nice
- A puppy with abnormally huge eyes
- Kittens that lick their paws while having abnormally huge eyes
- Anime girl dolls w/ pink/purple hair and abnormally huge eyes
- Yellow wigs
- Pink ribbons
- A perrrfect day
- Happy grades
- Fluffy pink books
- Fluffy pink shirts
- Fluffy pink hats
- Fluffy pink things
- Fluffy blue socks
- A recording of PAPA COW's insane laugh
- A sample of Michael Miu's hair
- A sample of Lee See Kei's hair
- A sample of Ha Yu's hair
- A sample of Justie's hair
- A collection of Love Hana manga
- A French dictationary with pretty pictures of fat children
- Pictures of Freakishly pink/blue/purple babies that resemble aged, wrinkly aliens
- A pikachu doll to hug
- A yugioh doll to punch
- and the stuff you've secretly wanted but never told anyone about
- and the people you secretly wanted dead/alive that you never told anyone about

- Dar Father Cow/Mad Cow

Jello said...

yeah, my list would've been like that (actually, only the hair part), but i don't know anyone who could get it for me :O

unless... ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL thank you for letting me know about tampon dolls =D

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