Sunday, November 28

Guilty Pleasures

i ended up opening facebook again. i'm probably going to deactivate/reactivate it like crazy.

ugh! why must forever 21 be so freakin' cheap?! i just bought a pair of jeans because... $7!? who can refuse such a deal. why why why why why........ why must it be sweat shop made :(

Sunday, November 21


I hate my little tastes. They always change so quickly. For example, I frequently need to update my iPod Shuffle and phone's music library. Ugh.... Everything gets so boring.

No more AIM/Facebook for awhile. lol

1.2 pounds down!! Yay!

Monday, October 4


It's an exhausting thing, isn't it? It's my last year in high school. Exhilarating. Not really. It's actually frightening. I feel like a kid again. I'm so small in this really big world. Er, as Sagan calls it, a pale blue dot.

The past few years in high school have taught me a lot of crap. I struggled to find myself--my identity, who the hell I was. I still don't really know for sure. But hey, I'm 16. I don't have my driver's license, er, and a permit at that. Haha, using age as an excuse. I make myself laugh.

Well, you get my point. I do have a general sense.

At the start of high school, I thought it would be the change of things. I look back at these 3-4 years and have I changed! It's exactly not what I expected or wanted, but I'll accept it. Physically, I'm still atrocious but a bit more on the larger side. Who am I kidding. I gained _0 pounds since freshmen year. And mentally? Holy crap. I can't even begin.

Friends. Friends. Friends. We've had our ups and downs. Most of you guys I don't speak to anymore. Some I hate--just kidding, love (and of course, get annoyed at ever so often). Some disproved my initial judgment. The list goes on.

I'm exhausted. The fact that 3 AM is the "ghost hour"--the time your body is the weakest--doesn't help.

And really, school can be such a burden.

I'll try to update my blog when I have time. Once a week sounds good...

Wednesday, February 17

Lunar New Year Resolutions & Lent Sacrifices

I am proud to be Vietnamese for many reasons. For one obvious reason, we get to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year). Other than the money, Tet is really cool because it gives us opportunities for a "new" fresh year! This means another chance for new beginnings and changes... With Lent around, we can sacrifice our vices. I'm really stoked about this season! Let's hope some great changes emit from this!

My personal goals
  1. Do not eat after 7PM.
  2. Eat less than 1200 calories a day. Maintain a food diary to keep track.
  3. Bike/walk everyday to school and home.
  4. Leave the house by 7:30AM.
  5. Play the internet for a maximum of 1 hour a day. If I complete all my assignments, I may play for an extra hour. Doing homework on the computer does not constitute the playing time.
  6. Do not curse... or at least minimize it to 3 times a day. Yep, only 3 curses... let's see if I can do this.
  7. STOP COMPLAINING. I always fail this.
  8. Clean my room for 25 minutes a day.
  9. Have an organized desk/binder/backpack.
  10. Study for SAT/ACT for 25 minutes every day.
  11. Finish all ASB business at least 1 month before the actual event comes.
  12. Set up my dentist appointments to get my wisdom teeth extracted.
  13. Finish my driver's education course. Well, first sign up for it.
  14. Sleep by 11PM.
  15. Do all extra credit for my courses.
  16. Maintain personal hygiene everyday: face routine, hair routine, teeth routine, eyebrows/otherfacialhair routine :D.
  17. Don't hang out too much. Restrict hangouts to free kickbacks.
  18. Enter in at least one scholarship.
  19. Stop being a pushover.
  20. Tie up loose ends; achieve closure.
  21. Have a great day everyday. Smile lots. Laugh more. Greet my teachers. Bond more with people.

If I do not commit to these acts of self-denial or goals, I will do 40 jumping jacks and 10 crunches (for each one). :D

Sorry for not posting here that often. I'll try to get back on here, when my posts are too long! I have a LiveJournal & Tumblr now... so check up on that. :) I'm also a part of a Tumblr collaboration.

I hope you guys are having such goals as I am. Aim high, guys! That one quote goes something like, aim for the stars so if you don't make it you'll fall onto clouds.. or something.

Here are some ideas if you don't have some down already:

(credits to Tumblr)

Good luck everyone. See you later!


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