Monday, February 21

in hindsight

oh, yeah, so my poem won 1st place.... i was really happy and even posted on facebook about it. i was so ecstatic because i was thoroughly shocked. poetry is so so so so subjective, and i have my not-even-close-to-perfect scores on poetry annotations to boot. really, a huge part of me is really humiliated. about 99999999% of my poem is autobiographical, though lots of sugar coating. knowing that the whole school population will have access to read into my elementary mind is overwhelming and embarrassing. i know a great number of "cool kids", albeit annoying, will have further proof i'm weird. LOL.

since there's nothing i can do now, i just hope other "regulars" can relate.

also, i hope people or entrants-who-didn't-win aren't wondering why i won. when mrs. cardoza told me, i thought it was my other poem that won. but no, it was this one... the piece (i sound f***ing pretentious even saying that. "piece" LOL) was incredibly unfinished but i decided "WHY THE F*** NOT?" to enter it. i think my poem ("In Hindsight") sounds like i tried too hard. eh, the speaker was the ninth grade jennifer anyway...

//uggggh the more i read it, the more i think it sucks. no, i don't need the compliments. i'm just so befuddled on how this even won...

by the by, i repeat the lips part because i was sometimes teased about my chap,nasty,cracked,coldsorey lips as a kid. in hindsight, my lips were disgusting. now i have a slight obsession with chapstick and vaseline. eek.

i was actually typing up a blog just to talk about college stuff. i regret not applying to more schools. yes i applied to a lot of them. but none were my "dream schools" and i regret not even trying. oh well... i have 4 years...

Sunday, February 6

oh mr. yoshida part ii

thank you for finding my homework. i'm very pleased i aced the final and got a b in the class. an f to a b is a mighty fine improvement, so i'm fine not acing the class.

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