Tuesday, January 25

oh mr. yoshida

mr. yoshida, what pain you are causing me..........

currently, my grade stands at a 75.19%, without the two homework assignments you cannot find. if they were put in, i would have a 77.69%.

i would have an 80.17% if i just get an 80% for the next tests. and i know i won't do that badly... but only if you find my homework.

if you don't... i would only get a 77.64% at the end of this semester.

why mr. yoshida... whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you said, "what's the point of me finding it, spending lots of time and looking everywhere when you might have actually just never turned it in?"
i wish i didn't come in right before 4th period (though i have pre-cal for 1st period). i wish i didn't come late so i could turn it in during 1st. and at this point, i wish i didn't even turn it in.

because, i have never missed a stamp since the time i went in for tutoring. that means i've done all my work, with a stamp for proof. if i never turned it in, at least i can turn it in now for 95% of the credit (you didn't stamp an assignment, i believe, and i needed to turn it in the day it's due for full credit. but as long as there's a stamp, i'd get full credit). but no. because i turned it in, i can't find it. i still gave you the benefit of the doubt by looking in my locker, room, backpack, binder, textbook, etc.
not there.

i wish you were right, so my grade would rise ~1.7% instead of the 2%, just for partial credit.
but since i did turn it in (i even remember what i was doing when i gave it to you, who said hi to me in your room, my feelings at the time...), i won't get any partial credit.

i'm just hoping you'll let me make it up, but i know you won't because then you'll assume that i didn't do it the whole time.

please, please, please, i hope my homework magically shows up on your desk.

Friday, January 21

it's my choice to make the best out of a bad day

Wednesday, January 19

i am so boring

Sunday, January 9

some days i feel like everything sucks
but not in a sad way
a really pissed off way.
everything-makes-me-angry days.
i wish i didn't have any family

i just want to be alone

some days

Monday, January 3

there's still time for some new year's resolutions.
i hate doing these because they are rarely successful.
i end up writing down 129038123+ resolutions.

  1. stop procrastinating
  2. stop cursing
  3. stop getting seconds
  4. stop playing the computer for more than one hour a day
  5. stop lurking
  6. stop being so angry and stubborn. let it go. breathe. make more friends.
  7. stick with commitments
  8. no. more. flaking.
  9. be more clean

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