Wednesday, January 21


oh dear. why do people have to have shit with SOMEONE! one person will be intertwined in this shitload of intricacies, let alone 4 people. can't you just let it go/not burden the rest of the people with this bullshit.



p.s. learn how to compromise, fuckers. man, and don't use excuses, then go back saying i was the fucked up one.

Tuesday, January 13


i'm reeeaaaallly pooped, so if you see/talk to me, i will have no energy to be "interesting"/interested. i cannot wait for this week to be over! even though sophomore class is struggling to finish, or how i'm totally unprepared for the ap euro test this week.
i've accepted the fact i fucked up this semester--and this semester only. rawr >_____<

i'm out of class by 8 pm, so contacting me before that is near to impossible.



i can't wait for confirmation retreat ;)!


Wednesday, January 7


ahhhhh! okay, so it turns out this is my schedule for at least one more week!

4:00 AM - wake up
6:00 AM - brush teeth, eat?
7:00 AM - brush teeth again, get ready
7:30 AM - go to school, get breakfast, classes
2:45 PM - school is dismissed
3:00 PM - sophomore class practice
5:30 or whenever PM - start walking to david's house, eat?, nap for a bit
8:00 PM - get ride home
8:30 or whenever PM - GO TO SLEEP ASAP
4:00 AM - wake up

and i know this because i tried to stay awake to go on AIM... but i gave in and slept... and woke up at 4am. this means i'm going to get beaten by books T_________T not justina's ap art history book!!!


Monday, January 5


oh. my. god.
so it's 4 am, and i didn't do any of my homework! nor do i know what's for homework, anyway.
anyway, i'm going to try to have a to-do list daily so i don't fuck up and start procrastinating.

  • fold laundry
  • ask stephanie for help
  • go grocery shopping
  • start on package
  • mail postcards
  • finish twilight
  • give gifts
  • cornell sc
  • sum. ax
  • give cherie $6
  • go "thrifting"

god, i've been missing out on a lot of sophomore class practices! UGH! sucks being sick :|... sorry guys. :< COME TO THE WINTERFEST ASSEMBLY ON JANUARY 16TH, IN THE NORTH GYM AT LUNCH! WEAR BLUE, AND SUPPORT YOUR SOPHOMORE CLASS!

yesterday, i woke up at 4 am, and my sister left for norcal at 7am. it was the first time i've ever seen a sunrise... never knew something so beautiful could be so bittersweet!!
this spring break we're going to vegas... i hope i can meet future in-laws, if you know what i mean! ;D

the february confirmation retreat is coming up! is it going to be moved or what?! >____o
i went to church with my parents today, unfortunately. they told me i'm going with them at 9 am; i never knew there was mass at 9:30! i took a shower, but sadly i'm too slow... it was 9:35 when i got out, and my parents were bickering about how late i was. for fuck's sake, can't we just be late?! or do i have to repent now for saying that. we went at 11:15 am, instead :|. i feel pretty bad though, since they were late to work because of me. (lol the sabbath day) i saw cindy at mass! i wonder what high school she attends now, since she's not taking confirmation 2. she's a freshman who started bible study a year earlier than people in her actual grade did.

it's so cold! i had to wear my sister's thermal galoshes inside the house... instant warmth with the sheepskin lining! and since i don't have any pants, i'm wearing jeans, for pete's sake... (probably normal for many of y'all, but at home i usually wear comfortable bermuda-length shorts. i don't have any sweats, or pants i can sleep with.) i have gloves on, which makes me think my hands are warm, but once i take off the gloves, they're ice-cold. and i'm not forgetting my father's extremely large faux fur leather bomber jacket with a scarf in a european loop inside!
bulky but warm 8D. i'm not in the mood to eat, but some hot chocolate sounds pretty toasty.. *u*

man, are my blogs getting more boring or what?!


p.s. does my lack of capitalization piss anyone off? 8D
p.p.s./p.s.s. also, the way overdue entry some were anticipating was actually just a blog to express gratitude, dedicated to all my friends, family, etc. who made my birthday a happy one. errr, yeah, since my birthday was in november... you can guess how sorry i am for being so late! i'll try to get on that asap e________e;.

Thursday, January 1


greetings to the new year! i'm in san diego right now though. also, happy 16th birthday, mandy!

my new year's resolutions:

  • start watching tv more, play the compooper less (weird!)
  • (when i get a bike), actually go biking
  • go to church every week... or, er, month
  • lose weight... seriously!
  • walk klunkers
  • update my blog more often
  • clean up my room '__________'
  • stop procrastinating!!!
  • study for math :|
  • write neater
  • shave legs more often :B
  • have un-bushy brows e_e
  • be more honest
  • feminize up! LOL
  • read for pleasure
  • hold in anger
  • practice... over and over again...
  • be committed!!
  • be acknowledged for my commitment! :P (wtf, is that even a resolution)
  • do a new thing everyday! WHOOOO~
  • try to keep in touch with old friends?
  • stop avoiding people lol
  • make new friends!
  • do dancin~!!!!
  • start using conditioner for hair :<
  • hang out more, but spend less money (?!!!!!!!!!!?)
  • pay attention in chemistry
  • enjoy life :D
  • have some fun!!
  • do house chores sometimes :/
  • play less maplestory...
  • cut nails at least once a week! so much people tell me they're long >:
  • reply to letters quicker
  • talk on the phone more
  • make things less awkward ^_^
  • put chapstick every hour Dx
i guess i'm a little late, oh well! :)

i think i learned how to float today... i reek of chlorine!!!

this year was pretty eventful. i guess i'll miss it. dude, now i have to deal with accidentally writing '*month* *day*, 2008' as the date for a few months on the corner of my papers D;.


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