Thursday, February 12


here is my long-awaited entry on... sophomore class! FINALLY! this was written on january 24, 2009. give it a go... and i'll post another entry later today, hopefully.

I’m not going to do Junior Class (Class next year), so hear me out!
I’m going to miss our ‘lil’ Sophomore Class of 2011 soooo fucking much.

Homecoming Assembly was SICK! Homecoming week was a freaking blast, from Early Bird to the Assembly. Man, did waking up at 4 AM everyday SUCK or what (: ? All of our hard work paid off! From the dances, to the painting, to the choreographing-the-backdrops-the-day-befo

re-the-assembly! Spending hooourrrrs, watching Korean dramas, eating dry noodles, painting on people who’ve fallen asleep (Sylvia!), messing around, etc. Even though we stressed out so much, and worked past midnight, hearing we received Second Place was INCREDIBLE. When Sylvia told us on the phone, Dukim, Hieu, and I started SCREAMING in the streets (walking to the football stadium for the homecoming game, fnl much!)! Backdrops were so hard (horizontal boxes?!), and kudos to the backdrop holders learning everything a day before. The theme was factions of Disneyland Park, and we did Tomorrowland. ONE ONE!

Winterfest Assembly was so stressful. Strangely, we didn’t worry how the deadline was coming up soooo soon. We barely had any time, and we officially ended our “meetings” at 8-9PM (compared to midnight up to one, before). And Winterfest last year was “worse” (in context of stressing out). Backdrops were sooo risky. We tried doing a new idea of a pop-up book, to appeal the children. The idea was great, BUT HOW MUCH DID THAT SUCK! Pop-ups didn’t stick up as they should’ve, and the props were so hard to attach onto the boards. AND WHEN ONE OF OUR BOARDS BROKE IN HALF (claudia seriously needs to post the vid). Sigh, and we didn’t work on the backdrops as much as we did on Homecoming (which is most likely why we got third place this time. But I’m cool with it, as long as Winterfest week is overrrr!). It was sloppy, but I still adore our hard work on the backdrops! The dances were really cute, in my opinion. I cannot believe the four main characters, the kids, Brunhilde, Carlyle, Dave, and Captain Crunch (played by Quynh, Nyvia, Hieu, and Claudia) learned the “Tortilla Chips” dance a day before morning practice! I wish “Fresh” wasn’t messy when we changed formations, and I guess we didn’t clean enough at the end. But working our muscles off was worth it. “Mikey Rocks” was probably the BEST dance, and it was so nicely done by the pirates (Sylvia, Dukim, Tim, Jordan, Kathy, Krista, and Zoe—Jean LaFoote)! “American Boy” dance was done by the animals (Lobster—Priscilla & I, Octopi—Cherie & Jamie, Sharks—Binnie & Tam), kids, and the Cap’n, and we always tried to clean. Oh my gosh, our costumes! Haha! I love our family! (: “Hit, hit, hit!” Kiiiick high! We got third place, and it’s cool! The theme was cereal, and we did Cap’n Crunch. CRUNCHITIZE ME, CAP’N!

Food Fair was weirdly ironic! Always buying so little, and selling out a bit after the bell rings. I’m so sorry Sylvia for not doing a good job as the ICC Commissioner. Like, McDonalds?!?! Sorry!!! Not handing out straws quickly enough, doing everything last minute, maaaan… Nonetheless, I really appreciate my position. Blood is thicker than water, right?!

Good job, BACKDROP ELEVEN! Good job, COMMISSIONERS! And an extremely, EXTREMELY fucking great job, OFFFFFIICCCEEERRRS!
Sylvia for being the BAD-ASS president (in other words, a very great leader) and dealing with us stupid commissioners every time. Heheh, and we’ll never forget your obnoxious laugh and “omg-i-needa-pee” jig. Kudos for having sucha backbone, and dealing with eveerrrryyyttthiiiiiiiiiiing. Where would the Class of 2011 eleven be without you!!!.... Seriously. :o WE NEEEED YEWWW (:! You’re prob so annoyed by that now. Hahaha! Thanks for giving me TONS AND TONS OF RIDES, and thank you so much to your family (like when your mother put a damp cloth on Hieu’s and my face to wake us up) ;).
Claudia for being a GREAT vice president. Our sarcastic relief to the gang, ahaha. And letting us use your house, even when other competing Class commissioners spied on us! And your FUNNY AWESOME father. Dried noodles and K. dramas would be nothing without you! And how we stayed up sooo late... and taking pictures of me/us without permission. HUH, I HATE CANDIDS. rofl!! It wouldn’t been as fun without ya!
Nyvia for being an AWESOME secretary. You are soo funny! I wish you didn’t live so far, so you could stay up with us. I’ve written you twice on my planner: the one I showed you and one that says NYVIA IS AWESOME :D! And sometimes you can be SO so serious! I wished I talked to you more at Winterfest, compared to Homecoming haha. Quyen’s house on bitter cold mornings and you guys practicing the Star Tours dance. You are the cute little one of Class, hehe C:!
And last, but not least, our STRONG treasurer CHERIE! I can’t help but admit that you are great at crunching the numbers. And how you laugh waaay after everyone else does, and how you’re easily amused—WHY WE LOVE YOU! You are very smart and sooo calm and relaxed. I wish I could see you mad when you’re angry at… certain people :B. I loved how you confront people without using harsh words. And when the ASB people were out, you led us so well! I miss doing posters with you!

To those considering joining, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO! It’s hella fun, and you meet great people! Please keep in mind that there will be drama on the way (shrug it off), you’re going to loosen the purse strings whether you like it or not (no reimbursements, people!), and it is incredibly time-consuming. and PLEASE, PLEASE wash your paintbrushes after you use them, LOL!!! Be considerate to those who stay back and have to clean your messes (throw away your SHIT)! BE RESPECTFUL TO YOUR OFFICERS, and listen to them. And, whatever you do, get ready to be COMMITTED, ‘cause it’ll feel like a lifetime—an opportunity of a lifetime, too. Remember to always wear shitty clothes, ‘cause those bastards are gonna get staaaaaiiined! And, to the artists, DANCE! Trust me, it’s really fun and FUNNY. Everyone’s gonna mess up on their first time. Also, there is FABULOUS choreography ahead of you. Backdrop holders, you’re going to have to have a good memory. And the holders are extremely important, whether you’re seen or not. Every person or help is appreciated (volunteers for Early Bird?!), and it is sooo fun. Open this door and join the Class of 2011!

I will miss Sophomore Class! I LOVE YOU GUYS. I dunno why but I feel like I haven’t written enough. Perhaps the experience is just, indescribable?!
I wish our Homecoming Assembly was recorded.

Jennifer NMI N.
(soon to be former) Class of 2011’s ICC Commissioner (Freshman Class, Sophomore Class)

P.S. to the junior class of 2011 cabinet (meaning, next year): PLEASE DON'T EVER DO THE ROLLING BOXES THE OTHER CLASSES DO! Not because it's ugly or anything--it's great and all, but generic. I know we're worth more than that! ;). Even if it's a different idea and it sucks, at least we tried something new?! And if you guys wanna really be "safe than sorry", stick to our homecoming idea. (: If you guys wanna do the ORIGINAL homecoming idea that we trashed a few days before the homecoming assembly, GO FOR IT. You guys will be and look awesome, no matter if you guys score 4th or 1st!

Tuesday, February 10


hello everyone! i didn't go to school yesterday, because i was hella sick and didn't feel too good in the morning. my dad was cool with it, and kept on giving me meds and rice porridge :|. it's nice and all, but he should be caring about himself and not me...

i have to sneak on the comp because my dad kicks me off now whenever he sees me on. oh yeah, i'm not gonna have internet anymore after a few... sucks, huh? i'm still gonna be at diana's house so, that's when you'll catch me :).

for the first time in years, my eldest sister woke up from her slumber to ask me if i was obsessed. it was 2 a.m., and i still had not gone to bed. i was pretty surprised, and like usual, i ignored her. she said i should go to sleep so i can be able to go to school. the fact is, i sleep in the daytime, and i'm awake by the evening. but i couldn't dare defend myself because it has been affecting my schoolwork.
now she's all grumpy, but i'm not even a bit angry. i guess that's not necessarily a good thing.

i don't think i get a lot of sleep, but enough to get me by? as a kid i boasted about how late i stayed up because i had no curfew. really guys, it sucks. see my dark circles? my health? 8'(

my hands are cold and i'm gonna go to sleep now. gotta get to school soon... '_' good night lovers. i'll update you guys on how my retreat was!


Friday, February 6


i'm going off to the confirmation 2 retreat now! byyeee
see you guys on monday (:


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