Thursday, December 25


when will people realize that no one has a life (or, everyone does not have a life)?! you popular girls at schools who tease those who study a lot, claiming they have no life--whereas you bicker on about the lives of stupid celebrities who have no clue, and never will, know who you are (also known as "creepy"). or those who say those who play video games during christmas are losers, yet you stay up to watch the same videos online over and over at midnight....

i wish for once i was just "inferring" this... no, no, this is true. (of course, it's not always an identical case).

yes, i have issues!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, i can admit it! you will only admit after i did... me annoyed=/=me mad.
grawr! *sharpens the knives pencils*

ah, fuck it, i know i'm stubborn as it gets. i'm waiting for people to realize things that might not even be true. grrrr D:.


p.s. oh, and to you people who try to prove to others that you have a life--you truly have no life. like, really. you are the pinnacle of 'no lifer'. "i have a life, so yeah." "i didn't read that, because i have a life." "i can't do all of it, because i have a life." having a life is an ill and inadequate reason for your incompetence. well, anyway, have fun in your nonexistent life!

p.s.s./p.p.s. count how many times i've used "life" incorrectly! :D
y'all know what i mean. i guess we should all be grateful for the "life" we all have.


Anonymous said...

WOOT WOOOT. I stayed up flirting with potential mistresses!



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