Tuesday, February 10


hello everyone! i didn't go to school yesterday, because i was hella sick and didn't feel too good in the morning. my dad was cool with it, and kept on giving me meds and rice porridge :|. it's nice and all, but he should be caring about himself and not me...

i have to sneak on the comp because my dad kicks me off now whenever he sees me on. oh yeah, i'm not gonna have internet anymore after a few... sucks, huh? i'm still gonna be at diana's house so, that's when you'll catch me :).

for the first time in years, my eldest sister woke up from her slumber to ask me if i was obsessed. it was 2 a.m., and i still had not gone to bed. i was pretty surprised, and like usual, i ignored her. she said i should go to sleep so i can be able to go to school. the fact is, i sleep in the daytime, and i'm awake by the evening. but i couldn't dare defend myself because it has been affecting my schoolwork.
now she's all grumpy, but i'm not even a bit angry. i guess that's not necessarily a good thing.

i don't think i get a lot of sleep, but enough to get me by? as a kid i boasted about how late i stayed up because i had no curfew. really guys, it sucks. see my dark circles? my health? 8'(

my hands are cold and i'm gonna go to sleep now. gotta get to school soon... '_' good night lovers. i'll update you guys on how my retreat was!



Anonymous said...

mmm rather you'd be my mistress than my lover :D

- Pa

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