Monday, October 4


It's an exhausting thing, isn't it? It's my last year in high school. Exhilarating. Not really. It's actually frightening. I feel like a kid again. I'm so small in this really big world. Er, as Sagan calls it, a pale blue dot.

The past few years in high school have taught me a lot of crap. I struggled to find myself--my identity, who the hell I was. I still don't really know for sure. But hey, I'm 16. I don't have my driver's license, er, and a permit at that. Haha, using age as an excuse. I make myself laugh.

Well, you get my point. I do have a general sense.

At the start of high school, I thought it would be the change of things. I look back at these 3-4 years and have I changed! It's exactly not what I expected or wanted, but I'll accept it. Physically, I'm still atrocious but a bit more on the larger side. Who am I kidding. I gained _0 pounds since freshmen year. And mentally? Holy crap. I can't even begin.

Friends. Friends. Friends. We've had our ups and downs. Most of you guys I don't speak to anymore. Some I hate--just kidding, love (and of course, get annoyed at ever so often). Some disproved my initial judgment. The list goes on.

I'm exhausted. The fact that 3 AM is the "ghost hour"--the time your body is the weakest--doesn't help.

And really, school can be such a burden.

I'll try to update my blog when I have time. Once a week sounds good...

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