Sunday, January 9

some days i feel like everything sucks
but not in a sad way
a really pissed off way.
everything-makes-me-angry days.
i wish i didn't have any family

i just want to be alone

some days


Anonymous said...

I just found out you update your blog still! This is a good way to know how you are doing. Just letting you know that everything will work out eventually. You are a smart girl and you are way ahead of me with all these...admissions and class crap. I'm a procrastinator and I don't and won't do shit if I don't want to. I will wait last minute or won't do it at all. Frankly, sometimes I don't give a shit about it sometimes. Don't be like me xD You are doing fine.

I would hate being alone, at least you have people that will care. Yeah, I get pissed like that sometimes too...but it doesn't do shit. I'm still learning about what life should be like for me. But planning now is a waste of time :( Just let time take it's toll~ I miss you and I hope we can have a break one day to just talk to each other. I miss your hilarious attitude :)

Jennifer said...

thanks for the lovely comment, mandy!!!

and i sure hope so. well, i posted that entry when (i guess) i was really down.

and thank you!
i think you give yourself way too little credit. you are clearly amazing.
and i hope you fix on your procrastination problem ;)
i'm not doing homework during class the day it's due... everyday anymore! haha
but yeah, i'm really bad at admissions stuff too. i turned my UC app the day it was due :\

and, you're right about having people who care. i am too ungrateful for what i have. at least i have people in general, right?!
when you keep it inside, you just blow up sometimes :T

and for sure @ catching up! nowadays, i'm just sleeping LOL but i'm no longer super busy!

Mandy said...

I got lazy with the login thing n_n

I'm trying very hard. I do better on my assignments when I'm working on it alone in school. I can't present my pbats, except one. I think. Depends on my teacher and evaluators... I guess I'm a very modest person :p

I still have to work on 3 essays and then I'm good!! I'll just work on the ones due Feb. 1st and then I can just work on MIAD and then MOVE ON FINALLY. Did you work on your FAFSA? :0

You're not ungrateful, you just can't..realize it? But you have now and that's good n_n I blow up too, I end up talking alot xD I'll always think that way but my friends will always say that it's not true or whatever.

I've been sleeping late and sleeping in the afternoon, not good at all! :( BUT YA, SEE YOU SOON :)

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