Sunday, September 28


hey everyone. no i'm not dead, thanks for wondering. i've just been really busy with school, sophomore class, and sleep.
i'll update this blog later.
there's not much to say except, well, my bike got stolen.
i was bawling earlier, but i'm okay after speaking to justina and stephanie. why cry over something inanimate? i don't know, i loved madeline (my bike). she was like a lame daughter.
my dad said i'll get a new bike. my mom told me to close the garage so we don't get anything stolen again (basically to learn from this). justina told me if i wanted, she'd get me a bike for my birthday. stephanie said that it was nothing, and she thought our father died or something. she also said if i improve my grades, i can get it for my birthday. brian offered to buy me another one, without the good grades ("forget good grades, let's get it next week!" to be exact). stephanie decided to get me one next week and trusting me i'll get better grades. i think i'm going to save up by working for my sister again... $190 down the drain...
although, for now, no new, expensive, cheap, old, whatever bike can replace my madeline.
it's alright, though. i was totally wailing, and thought today was the worst day of my life. i'm only 11 hours in, too. for once i felt worse than the day of my sister and not getting into grove's asb. but i'm sure, in the long run, this is nothing.
there's a long day ahead of me. gotta keep my head up.
thanks everyone.


Sunday, September 21


(this previously was a private entry, but it is now made public as of january 5, 2009)
hey everyone! no, i didn't die :). with all the school work i've gotten, there just hasn't been time for me to blog. i think i may even have to do weekly blogs for now on :'(. oh what a woe, because i love blogging like so. well, they're pretty tedious to do on a regular basis and develop this "homeworkesque" feeling.

a lot has happened this past week, so i'll blog again tomorrow (or try to).


Monday, September 8


again, another portion that suffices for a separate entry...

oh and significant update!! i did find the money! no, no one took it (or they did, and disguised it cleverly :O). my first drawer was pretty full, so the envelope, being on top of all that junk, fell off onto the bottom of my nightstand (and it got stuck). i made a video for you guys since it's pretty damn hard to explain.

on saturday, i went to ralston (tardy, again!)... but the club wasn't there! i walked to quyen's house, and thankfully, they were there. :P i'm pretty happy with what's going on. everything is so hard though! good luck especially to the dancers. y'all better thank sylvia later, regardless if you're content with the skit >:O. i went to 7-eleven and sylvia's house with quyen and tai. they're pretty darn silly! those two are so close (8. i'm more than satisfied with the role i chose/am going to play :D.

lisa was all over ralston, trying to find me. she even whined about "miscommunication". i'm going to openly admit my problem, because i miscommunicate all the damn time. lisa got pretty mad since i was at david's house, not quyen's, etc. luckily, everyone cooled off.

then i finally ran off to get my bike with the gang: lisa, david, thanh, and kevin! :D and i bought the one! woot! it cost way more than my meager $120, but no worries. lisa covered me ;).
so my new bike!! it's a beach cruiser (i know, you think it's overrated...), but cruisers are the cheapest/widely available option i have (and, they're cute!). i am unbearably lusting for a penny-farthing, though (they're just so sexy ;D). one day, susan, one day!!!


Sunday, September 7


god feels like i took a hiatus.. i haven't blogged for nearly a week! oh dear. (am i addicted?) i really hate trying to recap a lot of days, because i get extremely lazy to even type it all T_T. but, these past days have been muy importante.. yet it's kind of a blur to me.

mr. morris is hilarious! "the great depression ended because of the introduction or prozac." ap euro may just be my favorite class :O.

this is my (almost) final schedule:
period 1: spanish 2 - whiston
period 2: ap euro - morris
period 3: chemistry - lynch
period 4: pe - ?
period 5: trigonometry - neilson
period 6: english 2h - dos santos

the first day of school was somewhat fun. i got pretty tired and fell asleep during trig. i wasn't able to focus during english/chemistry.. what a fabulous start to the new year.
i don't have any friends in chemistry. although in english, i do, i can tell my "friends" don't really want to talk to me. :( i miss having christine and irving!!
damn, "lots" of homework this weekend. i *almost* feel bad for the freshmen ;D.
i was again late to meet up justina... second year in a row, 901238123 times in a row overall :(. i can be so fucking careless sometimes. sorry again!

i'm going to speak in second person, so don't freak out.
on friday, we finally mustered the courage to do it... i knew you didn't deserve us. you were a really great friend. our memories were really great; the three amigos :). you don't deserve any of the horrible treatment from us... i wasn't sure if you felt the same, but i knew you're too nice to ever confront us. i am really sorry for bawling and wailing like a bitch. i could not bear the pain. you were the first friend i've ever confronted. whenever i get annoyed or i don't like my friends, or whatever the reason is, i just stop talking to them. i block them/delete them/etc. from everywhere possible. i never had the heart to actually deal with them. you meant so much to us that we had no choice but to tell you the truth... i was crying like hell at home too... i don't know why i was so distraught (laughing while crying!??!).. probably because our past really affected my present life so much. i know we were supposed to be best friends. and for the people i'm supposed to be best friends with, this is the same case for all of them, though... i'm sad we didn't know each other as well as back then. and, i'm not a good friend to any of my friends. :( i've never done this before, so i didn't know what to expect, and it was too much for me to handle. i'm so sorry, x9120938498123.
i wish for your next best friends to be the best you'll ever have. i'll always remember and love you (ha.). xoxo, so long, farewell, good night sweet prince(ss).
(thanks miu miu fan for cheering me up and teaching me about emotional punishment :D and yes, ish, we finally managed to do it.. i don't know whether to feel triumphant or sad or laugh at how we surpassed the three strikes thing :P)

after feeling like heaps of shit, i thought i'd ought as well snooze. i woke up as if i was suffering from an incurable ennui. i tried to compact all my feelings into some balloon, so i can let it go and fly away. however, when i woke up, it felt like popped that damn balloon; everything was pretty much the contrary. sorry to everyone who i blew up to with my damned morose emotions.
i didn't eat for the whole day, but david & quyen made the whole fam bam curry for din din. it was scrumptious! it tastes just like the restaurant; you can't even tell it was prepared by novices. they gave us such generous servings, i felt nauseous a few minutes after the meal... not like that is a bad thing :P

lisa picked me up. i was so bummed, i decided to clean up my room with her. i wanted more hampers, so we took a detour to walgreen's... met up with kevin. it was so funny, eavesdropping to their "crunky" conversations. the american apparel book cover :D!! then some billion cups of yummy bubble milk tea ;D and cha = black tea?! *gags*

when i went home, there was no one else at my house other than the one and only stephanie!! she came home earlier than expected. she gave me dinero! ¡gracias, mi hermana mayor! for the first time ever, she didn't yell at us for a messy pad. she even offered to help! she's out of sorts, nowadays! :P

david kept on begging me to go to the new yogurt place. frankly, i'm fucking tired of frozen yogurt. ): maybe next time? :D

i finally received my third(?) subscription to interview (thanks susan!). i'm really darn excited! the cover has this metallic sheen, maybe alluding to the summer lamé? my favorite spreads were full of black and white pictures. coincidentally, i fell in love with these dior and gap ads. oh, and i found juergen teller (what, taking a picture of a picture of a picture taker?!).

annoying ass fruit flies.
whatever i forget to type in this blog entry, i'll cite in another. (i'm tired of typing, and so much has happened.)


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