Sunday, September 28


hey everyone. no i'm not dead, thanks for wondering. i've just been really busy with school, sophomore class, and sleep.
i'll update this blog later.
there's not much to say except, well, my bike got stolen.
i was bawling earlier, but i'm okay after speaking to justina and stephanie. why cry over something inanimate? i don't know, i loved madeline (my bike). she was like a lame daughter.
my dad said i'll get a new bike. my mom told me to close the garage so we don't get anything stolen again (basically to learn from this). justina told me if i wanted, she'd get me a bike for my birthday. stephanie said that it was nothing, and she thought our father died or something. she also said if i improve my grades, i can get it for my birthday. brian offered to buy me another one, without the good grades ("forget good grades, let's get it next week!" to be exact). stephanie decided to get me one next week and trusting me i'll get better grades. i think i'm going to save up by working for my sister again... $190 down the drain...
although, for now, no new, expensive, cheap, old, whatever bike can replace my madeline.
it's alright, though. i was totally wailing, and thought today was the worst day of my life. i'm only 11 hours in, too. for once i felt worse than the day of my sister and not getting into grove's asb. but i'm sure, in the long run, this is nothing.
there's a long day ahead of me. gotta keep my head up.
thanks everyone.



Anonymous said...


- Papa Cow

Binnie Truong said...

i'm sorry for your loss.

Jennifer said...

thanks, guys. (:

Anonymous said...

wow that sucks...first your bike money goes missing and now your actual bike o__o

Jennifer said...

:( yep... as if things can't get any worse...

maybe it's karma... i don't believe in that stuff, but recently stuff seems to be rebounding at me. although it's not necessarily my fault for any of those "stuff". :( i'm just so sad.

sigh, gotta move on...

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