Friday, October 3


i wanted to wish my good friend, nick a., a very happy birthday! it was his sweet sixteenth, yesterday on october 2nd. if y'all attend my school, he was the white dude with corny balloons. and i also decorated his locker (lamely). oh well, i didn't finish my homework for that :P.

i'm so excited for you!
i wish for you to live... many years. LOL.
you'll understand when you see our card :P

shout outs to justina, aka ashley aka hannah montana. :) fuck those dimwitted simpletons who don't have the nerve to wear a wig to school, and harass others with courage. is it because y'all are embarrassed? yep, you won't go far in life. :P failure.
^ to those new to my blog/myself/etc., i'm usually *half* kidding around (yes, quite an unfunny one too..). otherwise i'm *three quarters* serious when i'm venting/ranting/being boring. i'm saying this because drama isn't for me, but awkward silences are. :P

oh, and i apologize for my shitty grammar. my excuse is that i'm a fob :B. although, in casual conversations, i don't really give a (as christine would say) kimchi to fix my errors. you can point them out though and see my reaction!



Anonymous said...

Moo mo moo mooo mooo moooomooomo moomooomo, mo moooo mo mooommooooo mooo! Mooo! MooooMmoooomoOOo fob mooo moo moo? Mooo moooo moooomo moom moooooooooo.

- Philosophical Papa Cow

hannah montana said...

a kimchi? LOL weird...... especially when you realize what it is. might as well say "i don't really give a diarrhea"

Jennifer said...

@ philosophical papa cow; mmmm milky.

@ hannah montana; hahaha. reminds me of those cookies :PPPPP

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