Saturday, December 27


hey y'all... i have to admit, it can be quite difficult to keep in touch with me. i'm not really on aim much anymore (as in, if i'm online, i'm not actually at the computer & meebo doesn't seem to make you idle when you actually are? i'm not ignoring you!), and i don't really care for myspace (in other words, FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE). the best, and pretty much the worst, way is to call me. i guess i've been busy, in a way. well, i've been playing maplestory and monopoly a lot? i know it's horrrrrrible!

my main char's in broa, but i'm trying to play in windia (although i can't, really).

a few days back (or something.. i've seemed to lost track of time), i went to another peter's reunion! i look inebriated/retarded in about all of the photos, so :B heh. it was fun! too bad i was late for so long. we played games such as 'baby you love me' or something and 'ten fingers'. it was nice to see y'all again!

i feel so angry nowadays. :< twilight. i'm only on page 26, and it's not so bad. edward sounds mightily handsome.... mmm. and speaking of being selfish in bed handsome guys, mark hildreth (with kristen kreuk) is so very charming!

oh what a woe, to fail the european history test!
i actually cared for the dbq and produced 2 paragraphs, in what, 45 minutes?!
fornicating writer's block.

thank you!

madame deficit


Thursday, December 25


when will people realize that no one has a life (or, everyone does not have a life)?! you popular girls at schools who tease those who study a lot, claiming they have no life--whereas you bicker on about the lives of stupid celebrities who have no clue, and never will, know who you are (also known as "creepy"). or those who say those who play video games during christmas are losers, yet you stay up to watch the same videos online over and over at midnight....

i wish for once i was just "inferring" this... no, no, this is true. (of course, it's not always an identical case).

yes, i have issues!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, i can admit it! you will only admit after i did... me annoyed=/=me mad.
grawr! *sharpens the knives pencils*

ah, fuck it, i know i'm stubborn as it gets. i'm waiting for people to realize things that might not even be true. grrrr D:.


p.s. oh, and to you people who try to prove to others that you have a life--you truly have no life. like, really. you are the pinnacle of 'no lifer'. "i have a life, so yeah." "i didn't read that, because i have a life." "i can't do all of it, because i have a life." having a life is an ill and inadequate reason for your incompetence. well, anyway, have fun in your nonexistent life!

p.s.s./p.p.s. count how many times i've used "life" incorrectly! :D
y'all know what i mean. i guess we should all be grateful for the "life" we all have.

Wednesday, December 24


merry christmas eve! :D


Friday, December 5


i needed to update again! and no, sorry, this is not the "special" entry i am a week late on. hopefully later today?! no?
but anyway, it's 4 am, and luckily, it's a friday! finally! i haven't recovered from our thanksgiving break, though, as you can see... i've been staying up with david everyday this week, finishing my homework during ap euro, etc. i've already gone by 2 major tests this week, and 2 more minor ones tomorrow. then i'm "done"! heck yes.

tomorrow is the december retreat for st. columban. i initially had it in december, but transferred out to february due to the timing. also, we'd be at the retreat on hieu's birthday (feb. 15th)!! whoooo.

linh recommended paint shop pro to me, and i freaking love it. but i suck so much at this! still fun, though. and i wish you could animate on here..

yesterday, during dance, i accidentally elbowed this freshman girl at her boob. it was not intentional!! i felt bad, since i know how much that hurts... but to shoot me a dirty glare? i already said sorry 3 times!! not here to start shit or anything! ):

i have a few assignments left, but i'm (knowingly) going to distract myself with this myspace survey!:

(EDIT: i'm getting very sleepy, and i have to start on hw, so i'll finish this later!! bye loves!)

TEN things youd like to say to 10 people
LOL, justina will recognize some of these :3. most of these are people who would've never guessed these would be them, because i don't know them well (and vice versa).

1) man your voice has got to be the most annoying i've ever heard. not only are you a bitch, you TALK SO MUCH. justina said, "there is no universally annoying voice" and that may be true.. but godddddd man. STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU fucking ditcher. never gonna forget that shit.

2) every time you compare me to you, such as reminding me how old i look, and how young you look, a little part of me wants to punch you square at the jaw. that "part of me" gradually gets bigger and bigger. how come you're so mean to me?! everyone else thinks that you're so damn sweet. i'm sorry for being who i am. and i find it very weird you tell me things that no one else seems to hear. ack, it's my fault too. i am (sincerely) sorry for being so passive-aggressive. i should've just confronted you, like how you whispered an apology to me? you've annoyed me, but you know what... i enjoy your company sometimes. thanks for that.

3) look, you fucking asshole. would i seriously say shit to your face, if i was saying it behind your back? that makes NO SENSE. i may be stupid, but you're taking it to the next level. why would i care enough to spend time and spread shit about someone who i don't even talk to anymore!?!? the only reason i brought it up was because i wanted to start a meager CONVERSATION. that's all i could think of, because you're honestly that uninteresting. i don't know much about you anymore. when we used to be friends? you still were a jackass. now i'm glad it's awkward to talk to you. the world doesn't revolve around you, and i'm insulted you'd think i'd talk shit about YOU, of all people. lmao. i remember you telling me back in the day, that i liked you? uhh, hello, if i liked you, i'm the one supposed to be telling you that. and fyi, i did not like you. at all. at all. isn't that embarrassing? to not even ASK, but say it as a statement, "i know you like me." and it's not true? too bad i was like "what>?!!? NOOooo" which seems like i do, and i'm denying it. i assure you, your personality is disgusting. you're not ugly (sadly) though, but i'm not attracted to looks.

stop avoiding me. it's really fucking weird when i pass by, and you make a weird ass "U-Turn". i didn't even recognize you, until you did that. nonetheless, i'm really sorry (like, seriously) for being so immature. i thought you were really mean, and i couldn't handle any more people grilling me, yelling at me, lecturing me, etc... and i'm sorry, but it was just annoying how you asked such stupid questions. you weren't a bad friend, though.

5) you're an example i'm going to use in this mini-rant, but this is generally for every asian guy at our schools. what's up with you?! you are not good looking. the only "good" thing about you is your body. but how you seem to exude this "i think i'm so great" attitude is so lame. just because my cousin is gay, does not mean he's INTERESTED. to every asian guy who got creeped out, because maybe he was looking your way, and you thought he was checking you out... he told me personally that you guys were fugly.
well, he said you were O.K., but not even close to being attractive. he didn't even know your guys' names. does that make you feel like fucking losers for calling some guy a faggot, when he doesn't have a clue what your nombre is? and if you're all straight, why would he even think about it?! straight guys are obviously not any gay guy's type. this is an analogy that makes no sense, but hear me out: you're attracted to girls. and you have a sister who's your age. would you think your sister is hot?! NO (this is only for these guys, but if you "roll that way"... cool with me). so fuck off, really. you're not that great to have him remember who you are. if he smiled at you, it was actually not at YOU. stop thinking every gay guy will like you, you're not even close to being "good enough". god, i wish you guys would all get jumped one day by like, gangsters. y'all deserve it. you guys are the reason why asian guys cannot get white girls. fucking jackasses/douchebags.

6) so glad we talk again! although about games... better than nothing. get some chicks soon, lol!

7) why do you have to be like that... you're breaking the whole gang up... sigh... wish we all could be sane...

8) i've made you feel unwanted. i apologize. sorry for never making it. and, whatever your orientation is, it doesn't even matter to me. fuck those who mind... and satisfy those who just want you to say it :P.

9) ugh, why do you think you're a necessity in everyone's life?!

10) lucky, lucky, lucky girl :B

NINE things about yourself
1) i'm boring.
2) i'm repetitive.
3) i change a lot...
4) i'm paranoid.
5) i regret a lot of things.
6) i'm aware i get annoying sometimes... way too late.
7) i want to punch a lot of people in the stomach sometimes.
8) i use slang!!
9) i tell long stories that don't go anywhere.

EIGHT ways to win your heart
1) uh, actually have feelings for me. :B
2) be sweet.
3) uh and corny?
4) be a virgin @_@.
5) have a social yet academic life.
6) care about having a family.
7) is a mama's boy :D.
8) have uh similar interests..
i don't know. really.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot
1) ugggh why did i say/do that?!
2) man what a bad friend!!
3) i regret it, wah.
4) fight the temptation!!
5) how annoying...
6) pay attention, jennifer! ugh
7) update your blog!
i talk to myself in my mind :D.

SIX thing​s you do befor​e you fall aslee​p
1) brush my teeth.
2) comb my hair.
3) play the computer.
4) homework :D
5) fluff my pillows?
6) turn on my lamp. i don't know, i'm a boring person.

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:​​​​
1) sharon
2) lisa
3) diana
4) justina
5) hieu

FOUR things you see right​ now:
1) susan, YES, you're a thing!
2) books
3) gifts
4) christmas tree ;D

THREE​ places you'd like to go
1) san diego
2) paris, where dukim is at now :O
3) stephanie's apartamente en la ciudad de al hambra

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1) gtfo of (southern) california.
2) live the "good life" for a week, haha.

ONE confession
1) i hate the way i used to be, as in my past. whenever people send me lines i said to them on AIM, i honestly hate it because i've just changed so much (hopefully for the better). so it really embarrasses me, since i used to be a lame kid in dire need of attention back then. what i said... god, one of those things where you're like, "KILL. ME. NOW."

If you could kiss the last person you kissed, would you?
errrrr... this is awkward.

If you were upset, who's the first guy you would go to?
guy? um. hieu or david.

Do you like to take walks?​​​​

yes, i do, but not for too long. i'll injure my tendons, and i'll stop talking to bear the pain. so sometimes, walking with me is very boring.

Have you ever kissed on a boat?​​​​
never gotten my first kiss. but that's pretty cute, though.

Would you rather have big or small dogs?​​​​
small, but both require responsibility.

Do you want kids?​​​​
yes, i do.

What's something you really want right now, be honest?​​​​

time... slipping away so slowly from our fingertips. i've already wasted so much by doing this survey.

Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger?​​​​
nice, now society infers every teenager has a cellular phone now?

Are you taller than 5'6"?​​​​
i wish i was, but nah.

Are you ticklish?​​​​
yes, like even if you pat me on the shoulder or something, i'll have that reflex people do when they're tickled.

Do you find it easier to forgive or forget?​​​​

it's way easier to forget than forgive, for me personally. to forgive someone requires an acceptance of apology, but sometimes you don't even have an apology. also, forgiving someone takes a lot of time, but i can forget about it in a day. i actually forgive though, and forget by time because it's usually never significant.


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