Saturday, April 11


i deeply apologize for my long hiatuses i seem to unintentionally have. sometimes i really have no time!
now i'm really trying to get onto the bandwagon with twitter, so feel free to look on the right side to see what i'm doing. ^___________^
my username is preclude, so please add me or whatever it is! (:
happy birthdays to my sisters, susan (april 11th) and lisa (april 10th).
i will miss you spring break!!! :/
must. start. on. CHEM EXTRA CREDIT!
okay i promise my next blog posts won't be so short/lame/useless.
thanks for reading............... ;)



Anonymous said...

hehe. i found your twitter b4 this entry :O after gooogling up . . . stuff . . . .

but glad to see you're back! woohhhh wooh. do you read your comments?

- Skippie

Jello said...

yes ;)

Anonymous said...

:O awesomeee

Anonymous said...

tweeet tweeeet :D

Anonymous said...

sighs :( :

Jello said...

why so glum?

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