Thursday, April 2


Stranger: i wanna visit california
You: you should
You: it's hot here
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: my accent will get a lot of girls
You: haahha DEF!
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Might have sex for the 1st time too!
You: awwww how cute
You: how old are you
Stranger: 18
You: whoa
You: O___O
Stranger: what?
You: :P late bloomer ;-)
Stranger: ...
Stranger: you fucking americans always fuck
Stranger: fuck fuck fuck


Anonymous said...

dang americans

euphorll said...

Wtf haha that gave me a little giggle :P

Anonymous said...

n_n lyyhnnnnnnn!

- person who is happy that he is not the only one who still checks this blog everyday, despte lack of updates :( wooohhhh

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