Saturday, October 25


hey, everyone!
in my english class, we are supposed to write journal entries everyday corresponding to the daily topic. however, i rarely even answer the question and write about my days. instead of blogging, i channeled it old-school by "journaling". :) i'll just type what i thought in those days:

(written in 10-06-08)

lots of things happened this week. on october 4 (sunday), i went to nick's sixteenth birthday party!!! there was justina, quynh, raseana, and me. i wish quynh stayed longer, though :|. fornicating nick, lol. initially, we ate and then played bowling. nathaniel and i even tried bowling two balls in one lane! (well, he bowls too fast for me... :( so it failed.) dude, our lane was broken for so long! oh well. although it was first at westminster lanes, we later went to the promenade.
it was such an adventure, because i infinitely did new things that day!! i played ddr in public for the first time... with justina on the same dance "pad"! i went bowling for the first time. i ate at the miyako sushi bar at the promenade! and it was surprisingly good. we went to nick's house! he had boxers on the ground in his room, and he hastily attempted to cover them with his backpack. loser :D! justina and i played foosball. boy, is that game hard! we were so "high on life" at big lots! and i didn't like eagle eye :( it was so long, i was afraid i was going to urinate in my pants. so much new things done!! :D sadly, no pictures were captures of this day :(.
we even took hilarious photobooth pictures... i was blocked in almost all of them though (i'm at the top right corner :D) :( but it's okay, i love it anyway!! :D

happy belated birthday to kathy l. (oct. 5), stephanie n. (oct. 2), and nick a. (oct. 2)!
this reminds me... my birthday is also coming up. november 12, anyone?! :D
and happy early birthday to nancy t. (oct. 29), quynh k. (nov. 11), and du kim l. (nov. 15)!



AHAHA you wierd cousin who always annoyes you and makes you walk home w/ him said...

HEy Hey jensta Just popping by to say your one smexy gaal ahaha such an old word

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