Saturday, November 1


i'm totally in the midst of posting my homecoming week entries... yet i still haven't gotten the time to do so. and, well, it's already november!! you can see how many entries i have from september and october, compared to august... i really miss vacations. one more month! :)
and great news (not really), i'm actually passing chemistry!! :/

anyway! yesterday was halloween. i trick-or-treated with hieu, jenny, diana, catherine, dung, linh n., linh's friend, his baby sister, nicole, and nicole's baby brother. hieu and jenny came over to david's house, where i was totally drooling over their couch. it was pretty embarrassing too, since i had nasty oily bedhead hair. i didn't have a costume, so hieu gave me his fairy wings quyen lent him. we left with diana and walked towards linh's house. we were there for actually awhile, since we didn't want to leave too early; catherine was going to be there at 7:30. :| so yes, catherine, you were a burden! dude, talking to that guy on the webcam was hilarious... with all of us!! i bet we freaked him out. and i didn't know he could hear us!! or else i wouldn't have said that bushy 'brows comment! D:
lol. dung, hieu, diana, and i were always last!! but when catherine arrived... we were so slow, me, catherine, and dung actually lost them... so we went to a different route (not really, we went through claudia's street, waaaay behind them).
the complete highlight of the day was the magic house!! i remember he said, "this is a magic house. come in! come inside!" i thought he was a pedophile, but his wife was sitting in the living room. he was elderly, yet he was young at heart!! it was so fucking awesome. diana and i are totally going there again next year!! we didn't get to see all his tricks :( because he had a lot, and people were coming! it was only to his like doorway, so you can imagine how many people it could fit. too bad only me, catherine, dung, hieu, diana, and some other grove people we didn't come with saw it!! it was hella awesome. he said we gave him the first applause of the night!! he deserves more!! it was completely amusing!!! and it's hands on, so i did this magic slate thing... so cool :O even if it's illusions, it's fucking awesome!! :D
dude there was this haunted house! it was really impressive for something you can do by yourself. and at the "end", you can choose from all these nice candy/granola bars/chips!! it's really cool... and quite scary. it reminded me of last week, where me, kevin, and ashley went to life night's haunted house. it was pretty scary and fun, since we also went with tiffany, kea, judy, and nataly, but then it got kinda weird. church was fun though! :/ fucking stupid ass guys who "shat". the guy threw something at us, and it hit my head! i'm so gonna kick their....

anyway, at the end of the night, hieu, diana, and i walked home. we were locked out of the house, so we traded candy in the dark. :D i enjoy the deals we made, hieu! i traded my king size snickers bar for his halloween makeup (worth like, $4) dung bought for him... mwahahhaa, i hate snickers too >:D.

halloween was fun. it was a shame i couldn't spend it with my best friend. like, last year's was really fun (with nick a., nick j., melissa s., and justina)... even though i was only there for an hour. the pacifica area is pretty nice! :D

i don't know if i'm going to go next year. after all, i am getting old :(. and i wanna give out candy!! :D the joy of seeing young kids.

...getting candy. :PPP
kevin and catherine think i'm a pedo! :(


p.s. oh yeah, since i'm too lazy to post another entry... on saturday, we had a family gathering at catherine's house. it was same old same old, since i haven't gone to one in quite awhile. i talked to lots of (young) people, and many of the older ones asked me about how i'm doing in school. funny. catherine, cecelia, and i hung out at her room! except they stayed in there when we were supposed to pray. loooosers! :P and i stayed at catherine's house for like, 4 extra hours O_O. wow. you should hear catherine play the piano! not so shabby :). yep. so that was my weekend! bye loves!


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