Saturday, December 27


hey y'all... i have to admit, it can be quite difficult to keep in touch with me. i'm not really on aim much anymore (as in, if i'm online, i'm not actually at the computer & meebo doesn't seem to make you idle when you actually are? i'm not ignoring you!), and i don't really care for myspace (in other words, FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE). the best, and pretty much the worst, way is to call me. i guess i've been busy, in a way. well, i've been playing maplestory and monopoly a lot? i know it's horrrrrrible!

my main char's in broa, but i'm trying to play in windia (although i can't, really).

a few days back (or something.. i've seemed to lost track of time), i went to another peter's reunion! i look inebriated/retarded in about all of the photos, so :B heh. it was fun! too bad i was late for so long. we played games such as 'baby you love me' or something and 'ten fingers'. it was nice to see y'all again!

i feel so angry nowadays. :< twilight. i'm only on page 26, and it's not so bad. edward sounds mightily handsome.... mmm. and speaking of being selfish in bed handsome guys, mark hildreth (with kristen kreuk) is so very charming!

oh what a woe, to fail the european history test!
i actually cared for the dbq and produced 2 paragraphs, in what, 45 minutes?!
fornicating writer's block.

thank you!

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Happy to see you blogging again!

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