Thursday, January 1


greetings to the new year! i'm in san diego right now though. also, happy 16th birthday, mandy!

my new year's resolutions:

  • start watching tv more, play the compooper less (weird!)
  • (when i get a bike), actually go biking
  • go to church every week... or, er, month
  • lose weight... seriously!
  • walk klunkers
  • update my blog more often
  • clean up my room '__________'
  • stop procrastinating!!!
  • study for math :|
  • write neater
  • shave legs more often :B
  • have un-bushy brows e_e
  • be more honest
  • feminize up! LOL
  • read for pleasure
  • hold in anger
  • practice... over and over again...
  • be committed!!
  • be acknowledged for my commitment! :P (wtf, is that even a resolution)
  • do a new thing everyday! WHOOOO~
  • try to keep in touch with old friends?
  • stop avoiding people lol
  • make new friends!
  • do dancin~!!!!
  • start using conditioner for hair :<
  • hang out more, but spend less money (?!!!!!!!!!!?)
  • pay attention in chemistry
  • enjoy life :D
  • have some fun!!
  • do house chores sometimes :/
  • play less maplestory...
  • cut nails at least once a week! so much people tell me they're long >:
  • reply to letters quicker
  • talk on the phone more
  • make things less awkward ^_^
  • put chapstick every hour Dx
i guess i'm a little late, oh well! :)

i think i learned how to float today... i reek of chlorine!!!

this year was pretty eventful. i guess i'll miss it. dude, now i have to deal with accidentally writing '*month* *day*, 2008' as the date for a few months on the corner of my papers D;.



Anonymous said...

when you say feminize up, are you referring to the brain or the upper body? :P

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