Monday, January 5


oh. my. god.
so it's 4 am, and i didn't do any of my homework! nor do i know what's for homework, anyway.
anyway, i'm going to try to have a to-do list daily so i don't fuck up and start procrastinating.

  • fold laundry
  • ask stephanie for help
  • go grocery shopping
  • start on package
  • mail postcards
  • finish twilight
  • give gifts
  • cornell sc
  • sum. ax
  • give cherie $6
  • go "thrifting"

god, i've been missing out on a lot of sophomore class practices! UGH! sucks being sick :|... sorry guys. :< COME TO THE WINTERFEST ASSEMBLY ON JANUARY 16TH, IN THE NORTH GYM AT LUNCH! WEAR BLUE, AND SUPPORT YOUR SOPHOMORE CLASS!

yesterday, i woke up at 4 am, and my sister left for norcal at 7am. it was the first time i've ever seen a sunrise... never knew something so beautiful could be so bittersweet!!
this spring break we're going to vegas... i hope i can meet future in-laws, if you know what i mean! ;D

the february confirmation retreat is coming up! is it going to be moved or what?! >____o
i went to church with my parents today, unfortunately. they told me i'm going with them at 9 am; i never knew there was mass at 9:30! i took a shower, but sadly i'm too slow... it was 9:35 when i got out, and my parents were bickering about how late i was. for fuck's sake, can't we just be late?! or do i have to repent now for saying that. we went at 11:15 am, instead :|. i feel pretty bad though, since they were late to work because of me. (lol the sabbath day) i saw cindy at mass! i wonder what high school she attends now, since she's not taking confirmation 2. she's a freshman who started bible study a year earlier than people in her actual grade did.

it's so cold! i had to wear my sister's thermal galoshes inside the house... instant warmth with the sheepskin lining! and since i don't have any pants, i'm wearing jeans, for pete's sake... (probably normal for many of y'all, but at home i usually wear comfortable bermuda-length shorts. i don't have any sweats, or pants i can sleep with.) i have gloves on, which makes me think my hands are warm, but once i take off the gloves, they're ice-cold. and i'm not forgetting my father's extremely large faux fur leather bomber jacket with a scarf in a european loop inside!
bulky but warm 8D. i'm not in the mood to eat, but some hot chocolate sounds pretty toasty.. *u*

man, are my blogs getting more boring or what?!


p.s. does my lack of capitalization piss anyone off? 8D
p.p.s./p.s.s. also, the way overdue entry some were anticipating was actually just a blog to express gratitude, dedicated to all my friends, family, etc. who made my birthday a happy one. errr, yeah, since my birthday was in november... you can guess how sorry i am for being so late! i'll try to get on that asap e________e;.


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