Wednesday, January 7


ahhhhh! okay, so it turns out this is my schedule for at least one more week!

4:00 AM - wake up
6:00 AM - brush teeth, eat?
7:00 AM - brush teeth again, get ready
7:30 AM - go to school, get breakfast, classes
2:45 PM - school is dismissed
3:00 PM - sophomore class practice
5:30 or whenever PM - start walking to david's house, eat?, nap for a bit
8:00 PM - get ride home
8:30 or whenever PM - GO TO SLEEP ASAP
4:00 AM - wake up

and i know this because i tried to stay awake to go on AIM... but i gave in and slept... and woke up at 4am. this means i'm going to get beaten by books T_________T not justina's ap art history book!!!



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