Thursday, November 27


because game guard is apparently already running, i can't play maple story now... unless i restart my compooper. i'm far too lazy to do so, and justina reminded me to "add a new chapter to [my] blog". she's right, i haven't updated this "baby" in a long time!

today is thursday, november 27th... happy thanksgiving y'all, and i wish a very, very, very happy fifteenth birthday to my "lovely" cousin, catherine! (you may know her as the fair hair goddess...) thanks for all the times you were nice to me, and those times you bombarded me with your notes in ap euro! :D i cherish all of those terrifying moments.

a reminder: please visit, add, and spread the word about the "new" class of 2011 myspace! it's apparent that it is still under construction.. so visit it often!

i'm so jealous i couldn't watch twilight with the hieu and dukim crew! even though i was hesitant about even watching it.. next time, y'all! i wanted to get home to go to sleep :(! sorry to hieu who didn't get in for free, LOL!

oh my gosh, i kept justina's ordinary people for two weeks now! i promise i'm watching it tomorrow!!

i've been pretty obsessed with maplestory recently (as embarrassing it is/hard to admit). i joined on my birthday, november 12... and it's the 25th now. i'm only lvl 28 (rogue... soon to be sin)! if you ever play on broa, my ign is jennnsta. hit me up or something, and let's PQ!
i really fornicated up my stats. i had 4 STR and 4 INT, which is the lowest for those two. remember, i have a thief, and i'm not going to be a dexless sin! i was playing really late one time, and i was so tired, while doing my ability points... i put 2 in my dex (normal), and instead of putting 3 in my luck, i put it, accidentally, in my INT (abnormal)!!! i didn't even realize it until the day after. so, now my stats are 4 STR, 7 INT, 56 DEX, and 69+ LUK. grr!

stephanie's coming home.. i'm so excited!
on the weekend (november 21-23), i went down to San Diego to visit my sister and have thanksgiving din din, lisa pizza! it was the first time i've ever been to her apartamente. joseph dropped by right after school to pick me and david up. unfortunately, i was taking a shower thus we were almost late... late meaning hitting the traffic jam! we got there at around 6, or something. it was so funny in the car. sorry, joseph about how much david a dick is!! right when we got there, we hung out at the small apartment of hers, then left to go to cheesecake factory for my very informal birthday dinner. after eating not-so-great-pasta, we went to her apartment. joseph left a few hours later. david and i spontaneously slept over, thanks to duyen's extremely welcoming tricks-of-the-trade! we didn't bring any homework, too! the day after, lisa tutored me with electron configuration and orbital notation, woot woot. then she told us to leave their "working" vicinity, since her roomies (duyen, celina, ruth) had to make a thanksgiving "feast" for over 15 people! in no time, it was done, and people started to come over. it was actually a really fun day, with thanh and chris h. who came all the way from O.C. & L.A., respectively, to see us (er, more like lisa & her roomies). when the dinner began, we rushed towards the food, having that we didn't eat anything the whole day. it was surprisingly delicious! although the biscuits were aesthetically unappealing, it was scrumptious. and i mean that with a capital S & a homer simpson drooling face! after the whole shebang, we even had freaking dessert. if i knew this, i wouldn't have eaten so much grub. then, i went on the comp to talk to justina and some other unimportant people (just kidding! i just forgot who you were, if anyone at all... D: ). then, after hearing such commotion in the living/family room, i went outside to see the whole college/adult crowd (and david, since he's 16) play cranium! since there was already 4 people on each team, i went to join david's losing team (red). we were actually somewhat of an underdog, since we started to get a whole bunch right at the end! so ha! so sad for celina, she was humming satisfaction by rolling stones, and no one got it! she knew every pop culture-related card. the game was so so fun! i wanted to join chris's and thanh's team (green), since they actually tied with lisa's team (yellow?)... but it was like they won, since they cheered, took so many pictures too. after the whole game, they planned to go to a karaoke bar and get crunky (jk), and thanh and chris drove us home. well, chris drove thanh's car. considering he is caucasian, and she has a considerably nice car for asians (mercedes)... for the first time, i felt what 100mph felt like on the freeway. that's why chris shouldn't bring his ipod!! he always dances like crazy, while driving, lol! it was such a funny ride, but david fell asleep. we went home, but david's hosue was locked. he slept over at my house as an alternative, and we "par-tayed". not really. and that was my uneventful/so very amusing dinner at SD! (haha, the worse concluding sentence ever)
i wanted to come down again, since we're having our thanksgiving break (november 26-december 1), but steph's coming here... so yep!

klunker bunks puked on my bed just an hour ago! it's gonna be hard to clean... but i'm just worried about klunk's health, for now.

oh gosh, i realize how much times i hit "return"... lo siento!
i'm going to post a very special entry soon (like, tomorrow status)! so remember to check! (:



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