Tuesday, November 11


i'm doing my english project for dos santos, at the moment. however, it's failing, because the fucking site she provided doesn't even fucking work. our topic is "holocaust heroes", except mine doesn't seem to be very known... his name doesn't emit enough results in google for me to even make a sufficient powerpoint presentation. i guess i'm okay though... just a little moment of slight anger ripping out. (his name was lazlo ocskay, if you were wondering.) but again, their work is incredibly honorable. and veteran's day is today too! it saddens me, yet i still feel grateful.

anyway, today was quite an eventful "birthday eve" (thanks, justina!)!. i arrived at catherine's house way later than i told her (i came at 10:54 AM, when i told her i was going to be there at 9). we also left towards tiffany's house very late. catherine brought this jello/gelatin she "made". strangely, we practiced the dance for a very short time. then, we started walking to genki living near the korean district. it was hilarious, since we were required to jump over a fence and a wall. i've never done that before, so it was really cool! it was scary at first, and i hurt my ankles when i jumped off the wall.. but it was all good. but, dude, catherine... man... i have to say we had to cheer her on for her to even start climbing the fence. tiffany was a pro though; she jumped off both with sandals! it was such a hysterical moment, even linh said we should've recorded it. we met up with kathy luu. i haven't seen her in such a long time, so when we talk, it does get awkward (since there is just so much to talk about, it's like nothing to talk about!), but we both agreed to how we're always connected by heart. i wish i could talk to her more, because i thought she was going to eat with us!! :( but instead, she was just talking to tiffany and then left. the next time we see each other, we'll take pics! hahaha. i hope that's soon, since we rarely see each other. seriously! :O we were supposed to take pictures today, but :'( i didn't want to (seeing that i was wearing quyen's sweats and an old white t-shirt). i love you kathy :D. and of course, catherine, ahahaha.
we walked home eating crepes, and we watched a bit of american psycho on her blu-ray disc player. we had to turn it off though, since it was quite inappropriate. we'll finish it next time!! catherine freaked out since i touched her kelly and susi. she thinks i'm a molester :O.
i love how me and linh glance at each other when catherine does something funky :D.

justina lent me her ordinary people dvd. i'm probably going to watch it this weekend. oh! and i watched stand by me and juno a while ago. i'll rave about them later :).. if i didn't already.

happy birthday, quynh k.!


nozomarenu (12:00:16 AM): HAPPY
nozomarenu (12:00:21 AM): BIRTHDAYYYYY
first person to tell me that! (on the day of, anyway, hehe.)
i love mandy! :D


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