Wednesday, August 6


greetings! it's my "time of month"--i swear to god, i feel like i'm bleeding everywhere. at least i have an adequate explanation for my mood swings and constant aggravation. however, i'm feeling pretty nauseous and so unwilling to do things. i reluctantly ate! now that is shocking!

justina, my best friend, is at north carolina/new york right now.. and will still be for two weeks. needless to say, i will miss her! now, on aim, there will be no one to vent to. ahahha :P have fun justina!

because everyone is moving out (excluding my blemished elders) from my house, i am required to assume responsibility. being the youngest has allowed me to be dependent and unreliable. i'm going to miss being a 'kid', but it was about time i grow up. and the worst is, i'm going to have to go through it alone. like how phoebe taught herself how to play the guitar? and joey had to learn without touching a guitar. hahaha..
when a girl reaches her puberty, it is thought of her becoming a woman. i'm 14 years old now, and i feel like i just reached the doorway of adulthood... departing from adolescence.. :( i guess this was an appropriate time to get a period, haha.

i just finished garden state, which is an O.K. movie.. great soundtrack though, and lots of good messages. i recommend you watching it, if you don't mind wasting your time (yes, i said wasting).

before i even start typing a blog entry, i have so much ideas... but when i actually have the chance to put it in, it's like ?! what should i type?!



EuphorLL said...

"No one to vent to" Soo what am I for?! ;o I can bug you, but you can't bug me ;[

Jello said...

oh, c'mon, linh! i always bother you about my lame problems. i hate how you're so nice! bwahaha :D xoxo

Cheyne said...

Good words.

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