Wednesday, August 27


i'm so very down today...

anyway, today i went to registration with justina. everything was alright, although the wait was long. we met up with binnie later. i'm not happy with my school picture, especially with my new guybrows... oh well. they'll grow on me.

so... this is my schedule. i'm very sad because i don't have any classes with justina... for another year. in eighth grade, we had the same exact schedule (i know, what are the chances!!). it's nothing close to that now.

guess what?! i was so oblivious and forgot my freaking book lock!! i had to walk home and carry all of my books! that was hell, because it was so damn hot.

justina got me many souveneirs from her vacation at 123898173 states (not exaggerating the number :O). thank you so much! i'm wearing the mardi gras necklaces (intricately tied with a neat ribbon!) she got for me from new orleans.. yeah that's right, it's authentic!! 8)

sorry for laughing at your id card.. trust me, it's not even close to being bad!! when i saw my picture, it was hideous.. and i didn't even laugh! see?! :) right?! RIGHT?! D:
i seem like such a bitch sometimes.. sometimes those moments are just prone to laughter.

when i walked home, after justina left for home after the library.... my feet were so amazingly dirty.. which is weird, because my feet is never dirty. i mean, i guess my nails are lame looking, but disregarding that... i don't know how my feet could get so gross!! so mysterious... i don't want to wear sandals anymore. D:

anyway, i'm done with this blog. :) love y'alls.


p.s. stephen king look-alike, lol!


Ishmeal Armageddon said...

LOL Yeah, I'm sad about the schedule thing, too. And the necklaces weren't even intricately tied T.T LOL. It was just... tied... once. LOL And I still think my ID picture looks like No Name's old best friend T.TTT And your dirty feet picture are funny. especially the second one because I couldn't tell what it was at first. I thought it was some weird, wrinkled, dirty knee. LOL SORRRY T.T But it was a very strangely posed picture of your foot. And it was dirty and so it made it harder to tell what it was. :- D

Anonymous said...

You're never posting on this thing again?! Why?!

- EMO Papa Cow

Euphorll said...

You have...spanish with somebody I know D:
And Trig with Jasmin, yay!
Man it took me 5 tries until I finally got your comment link to work >_>;

Jello said...

"asian girl" - yeah, gr... oh well, ap psych is gonna be fun! :) okay, the ribbon looked nice, jeez! >:O lol :D i couldn't tell you only tied it once!
lol!!! is that a bad thing?
i don't think berries are neither nasty tasting nor ugly. :P
ahahaha! you're freaking hilarious!!! i know right! seems like those flip flops are causing my feet to get all gross, because it happened again today! unless the recurrence was a mere coincidence.. P:
heheh ;P

"lonely bull" - haha, i love you so much! :P you're my favorite reader! i wished i stopped posting on this blog, yet i still feel a need to.. and besides, it's fun. :) xoxo :P

"green two" - you gotta introduce us then ;) bwahahah. jasmin?! holy guacamole, i haven't talked to that chica in a looong time! i guess it's about time we rekindle the friendship. :P
oh, i'm sorry to hear D: sometimes this site is all glitchy.. damn you google!!

(jk google ily so so so much)

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