Tuesday, August 26


hey everyone! oh god, i just burnt my fingers (got melted cheese all over).. it is extremely painful to type! yet, i will continue :)

on another note.. you know how people call my skin "pasty" or "light" (as if it's a good thing)? i don't agree, at all. does it fucking matter if you're light or dark? i think it matters if you have an even tan or not! look at my wretched contrasting skin color: my lovely farmer's tan
(don't worry, i was wearing clothes. :P)
this is raw! the lighter skin (my stomach) is my natural skin tone. i never show off my stomach flab or anything, so it's pretty light compared to my arm's shade (the darker yellow-brown). also, my face isn't light at all.. my cheeks are quite ruddy. :)

my farmer's tan is incredibly noticeable, from my area where the t-shirt sleeve covers all the way to my lower thighs. i wish i had even, dark skin. i need a golden tan! feel grateful, guys! you guys look fantastic with darker skin.

today i got my eyebrows threaded at ziba near maggiano's (near south coast).. and i look very different. i have a farmers tan, too! damn. also, you know what the indian lady said to me?! "do you want me to do the moustache?" :( so mean! i think she did kind of a good job (yes, it grew on me!) even though it is sort of uneven if you stare at it for 5 or so minutes.
here are the pictures... although justina has already seen them :P


yes, my awesome acne. i know you love it. ):

yeah. i know. it looks weird. D: fuck you! just kidding. and tomorrow is picture day too! yikes!! oh well.
here are more pics, for your shear entertainment (i know y'all want a good laugh!)
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it hurt a lot.. it was like, the thread was carving through my eyelid or something. i miss how sylvia did my brows--they were hella nice!

i'll miss my caterpillar guybrows. :(


p.s. spank you, linh! (:


Anonymous said...

hey youu (: it's been a while ^________^
howve you beeen?
well i enjoyed reading your most recent blog haha. it's a lot better than mine. i can't even stick to one topic most of the time -___-'

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