Friday, August 22


i'm actually glad to learn i do, indeed, have readers. gosh guys, can you like, comment or something?! usernames aren't required to comment (no sign-up pages!), and you may comment anonymously. feel free to spam, or whatever :) well, just knowing i have a few chums who read is a fair reason to still blog! yay.

oh! and about the garage sale! now, when i said it was going to charity, i was not lying. we were sponsored by st. columban church. i'd say we profitted over $200! if it's for a good cause, why not? i didn't really want those old clothes anyway.

due to biking for over 4 hours, i ripped/strained my calf muscle (or injured something at the shin area)... so i slightly limp now. it's not funny! it was pretty embarrassing when i got onto david's bike and fell off in pain... in front of diana's neighbors (aka my classmates). hopefully it heels soon.. i am a wounded person for now. :(

klunkers bit/ripped my sister's favorite pair of denim shorts! now lisa won't allow her inside anymore... :( so i let her in when lisa isn't home. :D

the most memorable day of my summer was wednesday, august 20. first, i was dropped off at diana's house. i woke up david (note to self: i owe him $6!), chilled for a bit. he's pretty comfortable living there! awesome blossom. diana woke up, and we just hung for a bit. then i dashed out of the house to dart towards claudia's house (sophomore class, represent!). i was in time for the meeting (and not all weird sweaty, like last time.. hieu! :D) i saw binnie in all of his flair! haha :) the meeting was pretty fast, just discussed a few things. i walked home with hieu, and we did the usual... gossip. actual, i was venting most of the way there (sorry hieu!), but hieu is always so lovely and kind so he listened. hehehe. while we were passing by quyen's house, we encountered two of the badminton boys with tai and denny. we got to their house, and we talked/ate. although we considered going to 7-eleven (we often do), we actually didn't this time. i played diana's laptop, chit chatted with hieu until he had to run off somewhere. i was cool alone, installed some webcam program. i talked to a few people on aim. diana came home, too. david and quyen were away, occupied with this dance camp thing. then diana spontaneously wanted to bake cake (with a pillsbury cake mix, due to lack of materials and originality :D). i chose the devil's food cake, because no one really likes chocolate cake (just kidding, i do!). diana and i messed up, a lot. we guessed the measurements for the water and oil, so the batter ended up really thick. although, i think that's intentional since the cake is always so rich. then, diana got the cupcake pan, which was too big for her toaster oven (the real oven doesn't work.. don't ask). we attempted to cut it in half since it was made with some form of thin, aluminum metal. we even looked for a saw at quyen's place. after failing numerous times, we ran back to tai's pad and asked him to do it for us. luckily, everything was successful. i remember saying, "hey, maybe we should ask denny then." tai said, "no, denny's weaker than me." hear that, denny?! you're weak! anyway, the finished product was not as chocolatey as expected, but mediocre for beginners/noobs. we frosted two, put in two birthday candles, lit them.. and ran back to tai's place. unfortunately, before that, i did this dirty sanchez thing for fun. and i licked it off, believing it was all gone. however there was still remnants apparent. when i entered tai's room, tai burst out in laughter! the cupcakes were supposed to be a surprise, but he saw them. after washing my face off (also emblematic for cleansing my humiliation), we gave tai a cupcake.. and i reluctantly gave one to denny. he said it was gross, so i lamely retorted, "whatever, denny. you suck." and then he said he was just kidding. lameass :P. we ran back and enjoyed some cupcakes. we ran out back.. killed some wasps/hornets since their were rebuilding their nest/hive! we got in the mood for biking, so we washed diana's bike (i accidentally typed 'back'.. yep we washed diana's back! :D) i rode on david's bike. diana had to teach me how to ride a bike, again! i haven't ridden a bicycle in years, and plus, his wheels were 26". i'm not used to that height D:. diana was like my mother. when i finally got the gist of it, diana said it hurt to let me go.. and i was growing up so fast. hahaha! then we went back in. diana gave me some of her homemade wine, which she got from relatives who own grape vines. it was utterly disgusting! i hate the bitter aftertaste, yuck. diana liked it though. we played rock band--i mean, cock band, for a little while. by now we tried to get back on our bikes, but this is when i fell off in pain. diana nurtured me :P and i asked justina for help. i tried to rest, and diana got me a wooden stick which worked out as a cane. i made signs for my "cyba homies", most notably jimmy. i took lots of shitty pictures, yay! i went on a youtube stream with justina and her cousin amy. then diana was getting pretty impatient, so we resumed our bike adventure. we were probably gone for like two hours or so... riding around st. columban church. we were telling each other so much secrets and went down memory lane!! then a chain's links broke, but piecing them together was just so symbolic thus far. it was around 10 pm, so after exchanging many classified stories, we rode home. we heated some meat, and then went to the bathroom. then we resorted to diana's room, where suddenly her parents came home.. along with david and quyen. they stood dumbfounded, because the kitchen was all filled with smoke!!! we left a wooden thing so close to the stove, and left the heating pan unattended. damn us!! luckily, it was diana's mistake, so it was treated as a petty foible. i told diana something sad, and we were obligated to wash the dishes for david. i spoke a bit with quyen and dave, then rushed out. lisa was picking me up. right when i was thinking the day was ending, i found out lisa was with joseph.. which is always fun! after lisa dropped me off, they were saying how they wanted to go to freaking wal-mart! trust me, the time was like, 10:45 pm. joseph said there were cheap cruisers, and i was in a need of a bike! i had earned a sum of $120, so i was alright with buying a bicycle. they got all excited, since they needed cheap things too. i ran inside to check the times of wal-mart, and unfortunately, all the near ones closed at 10. i ran out with the laptop, and they used the handy store finder, and found a 24-hour one at chino and baldwin park! if you guys don't know, i'm from orange county.. and those cities are in los angeles/inland empire. lisa said thanh was okay with going that far!!! so i ran back in to print out directions, but sadly, the computer took 10 minutes to turn on and print it out! so damn slow! oh well. then i had to sign on aim :P but lisa called me, and said just leave. i already had printed them out. :P hahah. i ran out with my money, and joseph left for thanh's house. thanh was in kevin's suv, so we could haul the bike. we rode off, and they kind of got lost!! i freaked out, and was whining saying shit like, "omg we're gonna die 2day!! y god y!!??" it was really fun though. they gossiped, i talkd about abdc with joseph (asiid is forever in my heart!). then they got the munchies, so we took a detour, and stopped at rosemead. everywhere was closed, and we finally copromised with carl's jr. yum, fast food. then we went back on the road, and got to the wal-mart supercenter! that was the first time i've ever seen a super center.. and hell, that is like heaven! we looked around for shirts and stuff, and by the time we went to the bikes... there were no bikes i liked! joseph said we basically went there for no reason, but lisa said don't be negative. i was hella sleepy, and by now it was like 1 am. i was so drowsy, i think i bumped into a few things. when we got back into the car, i fell asleep two thirds the way home. joseph ran out since i think he had an emergency (hehe ;D). i didn't even thank thanh for the ride, since i was so sleepy i didn't notice. sorry!! it was really fun, but i was just glad to go to bed. god, hanging out with people 4+ years older than you is really tiring! i fell asleep instantly when i got to bed (it was like, 2 am). wonderful day!!! so fun :D

however, the day after wasn't as fun. actually, it was pretty shitty.
oh well! *throws salt over left shoulder*

binnie and i are planning a picnic/bonfire, too! more news on that later, dolls. (dolls? first time i ever used that. sean uses weird shit like 'oops poops', 'fobulous', and shiz. holy moley.)

+ note to self: my next post will be dedicated to 'father cow'. :D

so sorry this blog was long! and sorry if you guys read the whole thing :P


p.s. i wish i was ambidextrous. :(


Anonymous said...

Just by the length of your post, I know I'm very important to you. ^^

- Infamous Father Cow

Anonymous said...

Or rather, I will be very important to you. Yays!

- Hot Father Cow

Anonymous said...

Furrrr Furrrrrrr

- Impotent Father Cow

Anonymous said...

~ Bored ~

- Deaf Father Cow

Jello said...

oh, how i missed you so, KAY TEE!

Binnie Truong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Binnie Truong said...

ugh, i hate biking, like if i haven't biked in a few months, my legs get all sore and what not. sooo annoying.

Jennifer said...

whoops, did i delete your comment? anyway, yeah, biking hurts! but the thrill is worth the pain.. i think. :)

Anonymous said...

Yea, it hurts to walk, too. =[ I want a cane/wheelchair.

- Masculine Papa Cow

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