Saturday, August 16


today is the garage sale, shudders.

anyway, i'm making run-of-the-mill money, but money is money. :)

i got a haircut at the infamous paul mitchell school. it's just a normal layered style. i don't have a lot of hair (i don't get white hair, albeit i lose hair due to stress), so i didn't want to try something funky and new/trendsetting. luckily, my hair is straight and thin so everything went smoothly... except, she told me, "your hair is very healthy!" (thanks! :D) "i can tell you don't use any products!" (...j _j no i don't lolol). you def get what you pay for, but david's haircut was just plain sad. :( sorry brah.
anyway, stop by because it is like gay heaven in there. hottest guys alive, hehe.

oh, to everyone i've told, i am still attending gg!! yay~
honestly, though, i wouldn't mind going to pacifica...

klunkers (my dog, if you must jog your memory) is well again. she's been eating her dog food, and she stopped vomitting. she's still in her heat cycle (staining my sheets, seriously), so i gotta get her sprayed soon. and, this is going to sound lame (like when i told justina!), but when i lie down, klunks licks the insides of my nose (aka nostrils). but the thing is, it kinda hurts!!! it's like she's licking away my skin or something... :(

i'm going to shamelessly admit this: the reason why i love blogs so much is for those users that critique restaurants/meals/food. it's deliciously intense and satisfying. great for your taste buds (yes, to imagine the food in your mouth!! gosh is that sucha crime!!!). the high quality pictures fit the hype. each crit is capricious, since they have a broad price range. even though their censorious reviews are vivid enough, i'm willing to say they're taking a partisan stand... as an excuse for me to try the food myself.
i just have to give some shout-outs to:

thanks for making me happy!


edit: oh, and i forgot to mention! my sleeping pattern is superb. i'm sleeping at like, 7 or 8 pm. i wake up at 6 or 7 am! hurrah!


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