Sunday, August 10


i'm kinda freaked. i don't like believing in superstition, omens, and that shit.. but, this gave me goosebumps:
i was hungry, so i decided to eat fried rice. i just washed the dishes, and i didn't want to "dirty them up" again (it took a really long time to wash them!!) so i opted out and chose a Styrofoam bowl. i got a stainless steel spoon, got some fried rice, went back to the compooper and gobbled it up. so i put my spoon-inside-the-bowl dish onto my table, where my desktop computer is. coincidentally, i left my cordless telephone there too, facing down. about thirty minutes later, my phone starts making those beeping noises. i thought it was due to lack of battery energy. instead, my phone was actually dialing. i mean, not by itself or anything (don't freak)! the fork is heavier than the bowl, so it was in like this fashion <--*click*. thus, the spoon's handle was laying against the phone. the spoon seemed to exert its weight onto the phone, which was laying on top my lamp's electrical cord on my desk. i guess somehow the keys were pushed? the thing was, it took a really long time for the weight to actually get the phone's keys pushed. i guess that's how gravity works.

it's really difficult to explain, but the creepy part was.. when i picked up my phone, finding out it was being dialed, the number that was clicked was '6'... and so the screen on my phone read '666'.
i hope it doesn't mean anything. (and now my youtube channel has 666 hits!)



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