Sunday, August 10


sometimes i can go on and on and on.. i apologize for that. my mouth spews, like, useless information. i know you guys really don't give, but i don't know. it's a horrible habit of mine. whatever comes out of my mouth is like incoherent babbling. talking to me like like a roller coaster.. no matter where we're going, it's pretty damn scary. it's so fast, and i'm just going up and down. i've been told that i "[am] topically random", "change subjects too damn fast", "[am] hard to talk to since [i] move on to something else", etc. need i say more?!
i'm not even sure what i'm saying, since i don't think twice about the possible consequences. i always seem to embarrass myself. or i could piss you off, just like that *snaps*.
besides, i complain way too much. i swear, next year is going to be my minor "transformation".

thanks you guys for sticking with me (even when i'm being really really lame).

tl;dr--i'm sincerely sorry for being, for lack of a better word, stupid.



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