Sunday, August 31


this was a major portion of my previous blog post, but it suffices for one new entry...

i need a sherlock holmes to help me solve this case--my bike savings money ($120) is gone! it was in a white envelope on the first drawer of my nightstand. i believe someone took it, because i don't remember taking it. my door was open for two consecutive mornings... it's significant, because i never sleep with my door open. however, my sister went to a sleepover for one night, but the day after she did not. the door was still open when i woke up. i also did not lock the entrance from the backyard to my house and the entrance from the front lot to my backyard.
however, i do sleepwalk (not so often anymore...), i lose things easily, my elder sister lisa does not recall accurately, my father has a snooping-his-daughters'-mail-stuff problem, klunkers chews anything made of paper, and my eldest sister, sharon, and my cousin, david, has a history of taking money from our rooms. lisa was the one who put it in the envelope, yet i checked it a few days after she put it in. the money was still there. david was over before lisa even put it in the envelope. lisa was the one who told me the money was gone. after interrogating sharon, she responded many times with a promise that she did not take the money. i checked klunkers' chewed remnants and nothing was green (bka the bills). i'm very paranoid with money so i try not to take anything over $50. hm... and the mystery continues on.
god, i just want my money back!!! :(



Anonymous said...

Aw, chuckers . . .

- EMO Father Cow

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