Tuesday, August 5


hello bloggers!

there's a new face on the block... no, actually i have resorted to another blog (again!). sincere apologies--i can't help it. (actually, i can. it really is my fault--and i'm just unwilling to take the blame.)
ah, you can never take me seriously. :P
some introductory words: my name is jennifer, and i'm going to ramble about my life. :)

that's all! i hope you guys learn more about me through my blog posts. i would also love to learn about you too, so feel free to comment... or whatever.

it's 6:55 AM in the morning, and i haven't slept yet (haha, now you know how i'm like!). i stayed up watching videos on youtube. so, um, i hope this was a good "first" blog post! hahaha. (i'm actually way too tired to laugh.)



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