Monday, August 25


(note to self: break the 20, for david/school!)
i finally had a school-related dream, which i think is my first time this summer (or perhaps second?). i always have a dream in the summer about my first day of school, and it always goes wrong. thus i'm constantly paranoid the few days before school starts. in this dream, i went to school with justina and melissa. they had first period chemistry together, and i was walking with them until i realized i didn't have my schedule!! the first day requires you to pick up your schedule before class, but i guess i was late.. and i didn't register either. i was totally panicking. hahaha, i was like, "i wish this was a dream!!" in my dream.

i'm really not excited to go to registration, let alone start on my ap euro homework. nothing is worse than being unprepared for school. i'm still in denial that school is starting next week. *sobs* i haven't even started on my classic book yet!!

anyway, as promised.. a blog dedicated to the beloved father cow!
i wrote a haiku for you, kt!

all i heard was moo
flushed out was a baby (calf)
i want to eat veel

;) lovely isn't it?
kathy, i remember the first time i met you this year (thanks justina for introducing us ;P), you were flabbergasted and exclaimed to nancy, "nancy, nancy! this is catherine's cousin!" and nancy tranquilly laughed and responded, "umm, yeah.. i know." (hehe, you gotta love nancy!) i remember the times you and justina practiced the mesa presentation. great job, g's! (sorry about this, but i'm going to continue on in fragments.. :( i hope you're not a grammar nazi!) man, you and old men! and i'm talking about ooooold men. hehe. gay couples. your secret affairs with jen is sta and my sister (yes i know!! it hurts so much D'8). how chinese people look so damn young! foreign clips. how much you love linh. your pasty, pale, white skin(/fur). my bushy eyebrows (which, by the way, i'm getting threaded.. por la mañana!). chatrooms. your invisibility. outback steakhouse. animal cruelty, specifically against cows/vegetables. grafitti drawings! facebook facebook facebook. ew, imvu. your unpronounceable screen name ("jussie/justie"/ishmeal told me they're psychologists). your (underground) milk business. your cogent manner. your infinite mistresses. logos adler, whoever fuck that is. blogging. papa cow. that chinese guy in the dark knight. "For those of you who haven't been giving birth, >=[ *cough Furr furr cough* I demand 999 little cows by next Friday!!!!!" your funny ass xanga posts. copy and pasting. how normal you are. immortality. michael miu? michael MOO?! cow hawtness. the big 43. the 63+ nameless cows. "moomy, moonry, cowster, cowia, mooocow, etc." gay little cow. your intelligence. yadda yadda.

i can ramble on, especially with you. i love your awry advice. we are both made of nonsense. right... right?!?! and you better read this whole blog, this was all dedicated to YOU!!!

furr furr


Anonymous said...

Oh my goshie washie! Yayaaay! It's all about me and your school dreams! yay!!! this is so hot.

- Da Papa Cow

Jello said...

well you weren't exactly in my school dream. )':

although, justina had a school-related dream too! spooky!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had a school-related dream, too. It was a nightmare, eh. I dreamt I had this music test, and there was that counselor . . .
I hate music!

- Music-hating Papa Cow.

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