Saturday, December 27


hey y'all... i have to admit, it can be quite difficult to keep in touch with me. i'm not really on aim much anymore (as in, if i'm online, i'm not actually at the computer & meebo doesn't seem to make you idle when you actually are? i'm not ignoring you!), and i don't really care for myspace (in other words, FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE FUCK MYSPACE). the best, and pretty much the worst, way is to call me. i guess i've been busy, in a way. well, i've been playing maplestory and monopoly a lot? i know it's horrrrrrible!

my main char's in broa, but i'm trying to play in windia (although i can't, really).

a few days back (or something.. i've seemed to lost track of time), i went to another peter's reunion! i look inebriated/retarded in about all of the photos, so :B heh. it was fun! too bad i was late for so long. we played games such as 'baby you love me' or something and 'ten fingers'. it was nice to see y'all again!

i feel so angry nowadays. :< twilight. i'm only on page 26, and it's not so bad. edward sounds mightily handsome.... mmm. and speaking of being selfish in bed handsome guys, mark hildreth (with kristen kreuk) is so very charming!

oh what a woe, to fail the european history test!
i actually cared for the dbq and produced 2 paragraphs, in what, 45 minutes?!
fornicating writer's block.

thank you!

madame deficit


Thursday, December 25


when will people realize that no one has a life (or, everyone does not have a life)?! you popular girls at schools who tease those who study a lot, claiming they have no life--whereas you bicker on about the lives of stupid celebrities who have no clue, and never will, know who you are (also known as "creepy"). or those who say those who play video games during christmas are losers, yet you stay up to watch the same videos online over and over at midnight....

i wish for once i was just "inferring" this... no, no, this is true. (of course, it's not always an identical case).

yes, i have issues!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, i can admit it! you will only admit after i did... me annoyed=/=me mad.
grawr! *sharpens the knives pencils*

ah, fuck it, i know i'm stubborn as it gets. i'm waiting for people to realize things that might not even be true. grrrr D:.


p.s. oh, and to you people who try to prove to others that you have a life--you truly have no life. like, really. you are the pinnacle of 'no lifer'. "i have a life, so yeah." "i didn't read that, because i have a life." "i can't do all of it, because i have a life." having a life is an ill and inadequate reason for your incompetence. well, anyway, have fun in your nonexistent life!

p.s.s./p.p.s. count how many times i've used "life" incorrectly! :D
y'all know what i mean. i guess we should all be grateful for the "life" we all have.

Wednesday, December 24


merry christmas eve! :D


Friday, December 5


i needed to update again! and no, sorry, this is not the "special" entry i am a week late on. hopefully later today?! no?
but anyway, it's 4 am, and luckily, it's a friday! finally! i haven't recovered from our thanksgiving break, though, as you can see... i've been staying up with david everyday this week, finishing my homework during ap euro, etc. i've already gone by 2 major tests this week, and 2 more minor ones tomorrow. then i'm "done"! heck yes.

tomorrow is the december retreat for st. columban. i initially had it in december, but transferred out to february due to the timing. also, we'd be at the retreat on hieu's birthday (feb. 15th)!! whoooo.

linh recommended paint shop pro to me, and i freaking love it. but i suck so much at this! still fun, though. and i wish you could animate on here..

yesterday, during dance, i accidentally elbowed this freshman girl at her boob. it was not intentional!! i felt bad, since i know how much that hurts... but to shoot me a dirty glare? i already said sorry 3 times!! not here to start shit or anything! ):

i have a few assignments left, but i'm (knowingly) going to distract myself with this myspace survey!:

(EDIT: i'm getting very sleepy, and i have to start on hw, so i'll finish this later!! bye loves!)

TEN things youd like to say to 10 people
LOL, justina will recognize some of these :3. most of these are people who would've never guessed these would be them, because i don't know them well (and vice versa).

1) man your voice has got to be the most annoying i've ever heard. not only are you a bitch, you TALK SO MUCH. justina said, "there is no universally annoying voice" and that may be true.. but godddddd man. STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU STFU fucking ditcher. never gonna forget that shit.

2) every time you compare me to you, such as reminding me how old i look, and how young you look, a little part of me wants to punch you square at the jaw. that "part of me" gradually gets bigger and bigger. how come you're so mean to me?! everyone else thinks that you're so damn sweet. i'm sorry for being who i am. and i find it very weird you tell me things that no one else seems to hear. ack, it's my fault too. i am (sincerely) sorry for being so passive-aggressive. i should've just confronted you, like how you whispered an apology to me? you've annoyed me, but you know what... i enjoy your company sometimes. thanks for that.

3) look, you fucking asshole. would i seriously say shit to your face, if i was saying it behind your back? that makes NO SENSE. i may be stupid, but you're taking it to the next level. why would i care enough to spend time and spread shit about someone who i don't even talk to anymore!?!? the only reason i brought it up was because i wanted to start a meager CONVERSATION. that's all i could think of, because you're honestly that uninteresting. i don't know much about you anymore. when we used to be friends? you still were a jackass. now i'm glad it's awkward to talk to you. the world doesn't revolve around you, and i'm insulted you'd think i'd talk shit about YOU, of all people. lmao. i remember you telling me back in the day, that i liked you? uhh, hello, if i liked you, i'm the one supposed to be telling you that. and fyi, i did not like you. at all. at all. isn't that embarrassing? to not even ASK, but say it as a statement, "i know you like me." and it's not true? too bad i was like "what>?!!? NOOooo" which seems like i do, and i'm denying it. i assure you, your personality is disgusting. you're not ugly (sadly) though, but i'm not attracted to looks.

stop avoiding me. it's really fucking weird when i pass by, and you make a weird ass "U-Turn". i didn't even recognize you, until you did that. nonetheless, i'm really sorry (like, seriously) for being so immature. i thought you were really mean, and i couldn't handle any more people grilling me, yelling at me, lecturing me, etc... and i'm sorry, but it was just annoying how you asked such stupid questions. you weren't a bad friend, though.

5) you're an example i'm going to use in this mini-rant, but this is generally for every asian guy at our schools. what's up with you?! you are not good looking. the only "good" thing about you is your body. but how you seem to exude this "i think i'm so great" attitude is so lame. just because my cousin is gay, does not mean he's INTERESTED. to every asian guy who got creeped out, because maybe he was looking your way, and you thought he was checking you out... he told me personally that you guys were fugly.
well, he said you were O.K., but not even close to being attractive. he didn't even know your guys' names. does that make you feel like fucking losers for calling some guy a faggot, when he doesn't have a clue what your nombre is? and if you're all straight, why would he even think about it?! straight guys are obviously not any gay guy's type. this is an analogy that makes no sense, but hear me out: you're attracted to girls. and you have a sister who's your age. would you think your sister is hot?! NO (this is only for these guys, but if you "roll that way"... cool with me). so fuck off, really. you're not that great to have him remember who you are. if he smiled at you, it was actually not at YOU. stop thinking every gay guy will like you, you're not even close to being "good enough". god, i wish you guys would all get jumped one day by like, gangsters. y'all deserve it. you guys are the reason why asian guys cannot get white girls. fucking jackasses/douchebags.

6) so glad we talk again! although about games... better than nothing. get some chicks soon, lol!

7) why do you have to be like that... you're breaking the whole gang up... sigh... wish we all could be sane...

8) i've made you feel unwanted. i apologize. sorry for never making it. and, whatever your orientation is, it doesn't even matter to me. fuck those who mind... and satisfy those who just want you to say it :P.

9) ugh, why do you think you're a necessity in everyone's life?!

10) lucky, lucky, lucky girl :B

NINE things about yourself
1) i'm boring.
2) i'm repetitive.
3) i change a lot...
4) i'm paranoid.
5) i regret a lot of things.
6) i'm aware i get annoying sometimes... way too late.
7) i want to punch a lot of people in the stomach sometimes.
8) i use slang!!
9) i tell long stories that don't go anywhere.

EIGHT ways to win your heart
1) uh, actually have feelings for me. :B
2) be sweet.
3) uh and corny?
4) be a virgin @_@.
5) have a social yet academic life.
6) care about having a family.
7) is a mama's boy :D.
8) have uh similar interests..
i don't know. really.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot
1) ugggh why did i say/do that?!
2) man what a bad friend!!
3) i regret it, wah.
4) fight the temptation!!
5) how annoying...
6) pay attention, jennifer! ugh
7) update your blog!
i talk to myself in my mind :D.

SIX thing​s you do befor​e you fall aslee​p
1) brush my teeth.
2) comb my hair.
3) play the computer.
4) homework :D
5) fluff my pillows?
6) turn on my lamp. i don't know, i'm a boring person.

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:​​​​
1) sharon
2) lisa
3) diana
4) justina
5) hieu

FOUR things you see right​ now:
1) susan, YES, you're a thing!
2) books
3) gifts
4) christmas tree ;D

THREE​ places you'd like to go
1) san diego
2) paris, where dukim is at now :O
3) stephanie's apartamente en la ciudad de al hambra

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1) gtfo of (southern) california.
2) live the "good life" for a week, haha.

ONE confession
1) i hate the way i used to be, as in my past. whenever people send me lines i said to them on AIM, i honestly hate it because i've just changed so much (hopefully for the better). so it really embarrasses me, since i used to be a lame kid in dire need of attention back then. what i said... god, one of those things where you're like, "KILL. ME. NOW."

If you could kiss the last person you kissed, would you?
errrrr... this is awkward.

If you were upset, who's the first guy you would go to?
guy? um. hieu or david.

Do you like to take walks?​​​​

yes, i do, but not for too long. i'll injure my tendons, and i'll stop talking to bear the pain. so sometimes, walking with me is very boring.

Have you ever kissed on a boat?​​​​
never gotten my first kiss. but that's pretty cute, though.

Would you rather have big or small dogs?​​​​
small, but both require responsibility.

Do you want kids?​​​​
yes, i do.

What's something you really want right now, be honest?​​​​

time... slipping away so slowly from our fingertips. i've already wasted so much by doing this survey.

Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger?​​​​
nice, now society infers every teenager has a cellular phone now?

Are you taller than 5'6"?​​​​
i wish i was, but nah.

Are you ticklish?​​​​
yes, like even if you pat me on the shoulder or something, i'll have that reflex people do when they're tickled.

Do you find it easier to forgive or forget?​​​​

it's way easier to forget than forgive, for me personally. to forgive someone requires an acceptance of apology, but sometimes you don't even have an apology. also, forgiving someone takes a lot of time, but i can forget about it in a day. i actually forgive though, and forget by time because it's usually never significant.


Thursday, November 27


because game guard is apparently already running, i can't play maple story now... unless i restart my compooper. i'm far too lazy to do so, and justina reminded me to "add a new chapter to [my] blog". she's right, i haven't updated this "baby" in a long time!

today is thursday, november 27th... happy thanksgiving y'all, and i wish a very, very, very happy fifteenth birthday to my "lovely" cousin, catherine! (you may know her as the fair hair goddess...) thanks for all the times you were nice to me, and those times you bombarded me with your notes in ap euro! :D i cherish all of those terrifying moments.

a reminder: please visit, add, and spread the word about the "new" class of 2011 myspace! it's apparent that it is still under construction.. so visit it often!

i'm so jealous i couldn't watch twilight with the hieu and dukim crew! even though i was hesitant about even watching it.. next time, y'all! i wanted to get home to go to sleep :(! sorry to hieu who didn't get in for free, LOL!

oh my gosh, i kept justina's ordinary people for two weeks now! i promise i'm watching it tomorrow!!

i've been pretty obsessed with maplestory recently (as embarrassing it is/hard to admit). i joined on my birthday, november 12... and it's the 25th now. i'm only lvl 28 (rogue... soon to be sin)! if you ever play on broa, my ign is jennnsta. hit me up or something, and let's PQ!
i really fornicated up my stats. i had 4 STR and 4 INT, which is the lowest for those two. remember, i have a thief, and i'm not going to be a dexless sin! i was playing really late one time, and i was so tired, while doing my ability points... i put 2 in my dex (normal), and instead of putting 3 in my luck, i put it, accidentally, in my INT (abnormal)!!! i didn't even realize it until the day after. so, now my stats are 4 STR, 7 INT, 56 DEX, and 69+ LUK. grr!

stephanie's coming home.. i'm so excited!
on the weekend (november 21-23), i went down to San Diego to visit my sister and have thanksgiving din din, lisa pizza! it was the first time i've ever been to her apartamente. joseph dropped by right after school to pick me and david up. unfortunately, i was taking a shower thus we were almost late... late meaning hitting the traffic jam! we got there at around 6, or something. it was so funny in the car. sorry, joseph about how much david a dick is!! right when we got there, we hung out at the small apartment of hers, then left to go to cheesecake factory for my very informal birthday dinner. after eating not-so-great-pasta, we went to her apartment. joseph left a few hours later. david and i spontaneously slept over, thanks to duyen's extremely welcoming tricks-of-the-trade! we didn't bring any homework, too! the day after, lisa tutored me with electron configuration and orbital notation, woot woot. then she told us to leave their "working" vicinity, since her roomies (duyen, celina, ruth) had to make a thanksgiving "feast" for over 15 people! in no time, it was done, and people started to come over. it was actually a really fun day, with thanh and chris h. who came all the way from O.C. & L.A., respectively, to see us (er, more like lisa & her roomies). when the dinner began, we rushed towards the food, having that we didn't eat anything the whole day. it was surprisingly delicious! although the biscuits were aesthetically unappealing, it was scrumptious. and i mean that with a capital S & a homer simpson drooling face! after the whole shebang, we even had freaking dessert. if i knew this, i wouldn't have eaten so much grub. then, i went on the comp to talk to justina and some other unimportant people (just kidding! i just forgot who you were, if anyone at all... D: ). then, after hearing such commotion in the living/family room, i went outside to see the whole college/adult crowd (and david, since he's 16) play cranium! since there was already 4 people on each team, i went to join david's losing team (red). we were actually somewhat of an underdog, since we started to get a whole bunch right at the end! so ha! so sad for celina, she was humming satisfaction by rolling stones, and no one got it! she knew every pop culture-related card. the game was so so fun! i wanted to join chris's and thanh's team (green), since they actually tied with lisa's team (yellow?)... but it was like they won, since they cheered, took so many pictures too. after the whole game, they planned to go to a karaoke bar and get crunky (jk), and thanh and chris drove us home. well, chris drove thanh's car. considering he is caucasian, and she has a considerably nice car for asians (mercedes)... for the first time, i felt what 100mph felt like on the freeway. that's why chris shouldn't bring his ipod!! he always dances like crazy, while driving, lol! it was such a funny ride, but david fell asleep. we went home, but david's hosue was locked. he slept over at my house as an alternative, and we "par-tayed". not really. and that was my uneventful/so very amusing dinner at SD! (haha, the worse concluding sentence ever)
i wanted to come down again, since we're having our thanksgiving break (november 26-december 1), but steph's coming here... so yep!

klunker bunks puked on my bed just an hour ago! it's gonna be hard to clean... but i'm just worried about klunk's health, for now.

oh gosh, i realize how much times i hit "return"... lo siento!
i'm going to post a very special entry soon (like, tomorrow status)! so remember to check! (:


Wednesday, November 12


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Tuesday, November 11


i'm doing my english project for dos santos, at the moment. however, it's failing, because the fucking site she provided doesn't even fucking work. our topic is "holocaust heroes", except mine doesn't seem to be very known... his name doesn't emit enough results in google for me to even make a sufficient powerpoint presentation. i guess i'm okay though... just a little moment of slight anger ripping out. (his name was lazlo ocskay, if you were wondering.) but again, their work is incredibly honorable. and veteran's day is today too! it saddens me, yet i still feel grateful.

anyway, today was quite an eventful "birthday eve" (thanks, justina!)!. i arrived at catherine's house way later than i told her (i came at 10:54 AM, when i told her i was going to be there at 9). we also left towards tiffany's house very late. catherine brought this jello/gelatin she "made". strangely, we practiced the dance for a very short time. then, we started walking to genki living near the korean district. it was hilarious, since we were required to jump over a fence and a wall. i've never done that before, so it was really cool! it was scary at first, and i hurt my ankles when i jumped off the wall.. but it was all good. but, dude, catherine... man... i have to say we had to cheer her on for her to even start climbing the fence. tiffany was a pro though; she jumped off both with sandals! it was such a hysterical moment, even linh said we should've recorded it. we met up with kathy luu. i haven't seen her in such a long time, so when we talk, it does get awkward (since there is just so much to talk about, it's like nothing to talk about!), but we both agreed to how we're always connected by heart. i wish i could talk to her more, because i thought she was going to eat with us!! :( but instead, she was just talking to tiffany and then left. the next time we see each other, we'll take pics! hahaha. i hope that's soon, since we rarely see each other. seriously! :O we were supposed to take pictures today, but :'( i didn't want to (seeing that i was wearing quyen's sweats and an old white t-shirt). i love you kathy :D. and of course, catherine, ahahaha.
we walked home eating crepes, and we watched a bit of american psycho on her blu-ray disc player. we had to turn it off though, since it was quite inappropriate. we'll finish it next time!! catherine freaked out since i touched her kelly and susi. she thinks i'm a molester :O.
i love how me and linh glance at each other when catherine does something funky :D.

justina lent me her ordinary people dvd. i'm probably going to watch it this weekend. oh! and i watched stand by me and juno a while ago. i'll rave about them later :).. if i didn't already.

happy birthday, quynh k.!


nozomarenu (12:00:16 AM): HAPPY
nozomarenu (12:00:21 AM): BIRTHDAYYYYY
first person to tell me that! (on the day of, anyway, hehe.)
i love mandy! :D

Friday, November 7


vgotskypiaget: wabababaaa
vgotskypiaget: you have reached 1-800-PSY-LINE
vgotskypiaget: if you are OCD,
vgotskypiaget: please press 1 repeatedly
vgotskypiaget: if you are co-dependent, please have someone press two for you
vgotskypiaget: if you have Dissociative Identity Disorder, please have your identities press 3, 4, 5 for you
vgotskypiaget: if you have amnesia, please press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6; press 6
vgotskypiaget: if you have schizophrenia, please listen to your inner voice; it will tell you which button to press
vgotskypiaget: If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969.
vgotskypiaget: If you are menopausal, hang up, turn on the fan, lie down & cry. You won't be crazy forever.
vgotskypiaget: If you have a masochistic complex, please press "0" for the operator. There are 200 calls ahead of you.
vgotskypiaget: If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
vgotskypiaget: If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, slowly and carefully press 000.
vgotskypiaget: If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.
vgotskypiaget: Please press something or don't press something now to be put to the next available operator who has a degree in these sorts of stuff.


vgotskypiaget: thank you very much
vgotskypiaget: we hope that advice was useful
vgotskypiaget: we will be charging you $400
vgotskypiaget: thank you
vgotskypiaget: please don't call back again

Sunday, November 2


i'm sorry for our friends out there. yes, it's true, our (quynh, du kim, and i) all have birthdays on the same week (11th, 15th, 12th, respectively). expect to empty out your fat ass wallets! i kid.
so du kim pretty much pressured me into showing my wishlist via internets, so here ya go. it's text and links, not the A+ impressive ones quynh and du kim made. unoriginality for the lose :'(
but anyhow. i hate making wishlists. a lot. they're so very time consuming and additionally make you look like a huge spoiled biotch. i assure you i'm not!!! yet ;) heheheeehehehehehaheheheheeghahahahaha

god, getting older sucks. birthdays are a constant cognizance of how you're one year closer to death. carpe diem. whatever. i'm a boring person, and i always will be >:(!! if i have any younger readers out there, cherish your childhood, before it's too late! seriously, like justina says, there are some kids who grow up too quickly...

there's nothing more expensive than priceless friends and family—the truly best things in life. if you can stick a price tag to any, i'd buy a million. (actually, not really... clones can be quite a frightening threat. :D) anyway, what i mean is i honestly don't want anything for my birthday. and i know some people who are going to say, "fuck you, bitch! i needa buy you something!!"
it wasn't finished yet (...then i realized it already had a lot lot lot lot of things), but i present to you, my extremely long, lame, embarrassing, deadly wishlist.


hell yeah, money makes the world go around

the third (clear) Sir Brookies;; $329 NZD = $183 USD; available at Barney's

Scottish Plaid Short Duffle Coat;; 280 Euros = $353; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - Tree;; $25; available online

Silver Pochette;; $48; available online

Recycled Vinyl Record Necklace - leaf;; $25; available online

Recycled Record Clock;; $28; available online

Multicolored Skateboard Bracelet;; $24; available online

Tampon Doll;; $10; available online

Baby Cloud Doll;; $15; available online

Jumbo Cloud Doll;; $20; available online

Happy Bread Doll;; $20; available online

winnie-the-pooh related trinkets

Black Kit-Cat/Kitty Cat Classic;; $35-$40; available online at or (thanks, linh!)

Cut Brass Necklace;; $32; available online

Mustache Brass Charm Necklace;; $40; available online

ANY books
like Frog and Toad books, classics, Dilbert and other comic books, modern books, picture books, poetry books, etc. i need to fill up my empty bookcase :(. OLD/USED BOOKS ARE FINE TOO!! i like to read different things :)

any color, preferably Black, Clear, or White Wayfarers;; around $100; available at most sunglasses places (like Sunglasses Hut)

antique/skeleton keys
google images for it. if you give me 1, i would be so happy!

dog tag necklace, esp. from aldo or nick jonas (LOL)

rubik's cube

newton's cradle

souvenirs from around the world!

teddy bears

any size, i like small and big ones

grey long-sleeved things?!
like jackets or sweaters or hoodies (:

colored leggings
i want the rainbow :D

new flats ._.
size 8!?

a bunny
O_O don't ask. but i want one!

like altoids, paint, coffee, hat, cookie, tea, moxie (LOL), etc. it's even cooler with pictures on it! :) of course, they can be used/old!!!

glass bottles and jars
of course, can be used! or can still have the drink inside! haha. but if it's alcohol, don't bring it to school! lol :P

any necklace from Forever-21!! and i mean any necklace.
i love all of the charm, key, feather, bow, vintage, heart, clock, (multi) chain, locket necklaces!!

Lux Beaded Bracelet Set;; $4; available at Forever-21 & online

Gold or Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace;; $6; available at Forever-21 & online

Tiny Harmonica Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Grandpa's Pocket Watch Necklace;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Silver Spoon Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pocket Watch Necklace
;; $28; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Destination Charm Necklace
;; $24; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Rosebud Salve
;; $8; available at Urban Outfitters & online

Pom Pom Beanie
;; $12.80; available at Forever-21 & online

metal whistle

gnomes and gnomey things



snow globes

one of these dank shit


a good grade in ap euro
...and exceptional grades in chemistry/trig! D:


baked goodies

color ink for my "new" canon i560 printer (thanks, chris!)

nintendo ds lite (since the ds victor gave me is long gone... *cough* -_-)

stars and all that nice origami shit

a new collar or clothes for my dog, klunkers
she's size s, not xs!! a chihuahua/terrier mix :)

vinyl records

pocket watches, wristband watches, etc.

signs ;)

picture frames
i don't care if they're cheap!! >:O i need 'em :)

handmade knickknacks (yes, i stole this from your list, du kim!! :D)

home decor

Father Cow


for my sisters and david to visit me at home :'(

my bike

fuck you guys. i love you. and anything you give me i will love too... eventually. just kidding :D. you don't have to get anything, if anything at all, identical to this wishlist. and a special shout-out to my poorer friends out there, i like cards/letters too! hint hint! ;P


p.s. cecilia's and catherine's birthdays are also in november! watch out :O

Saturday, November 1


i'm totally in the midst of posting my homecoming week entries... yet i still haven't gotten the time to do so. and, well, it's already november!! you can see how many entries i have from september and october, compared to august... i really miss vacations. one more month! :)
and great news (not really), i'm actually passing chemistry!! :/

anyway! yesterday was halloween. i trick-or-treated with hieu, jenny, diana, catherine, dung, linh n., linh's friend, his baby sister, nicole, and nicole's baby brother. hieu and jenny came over to david's house, where i was totally drooling over their couch. it was pretty embarrassing too, since i had nasty oily bedhead hair. i didn't have a costume, so hieu gave me his fairy wings quyen lent him. we left with diana and walked towards linh's house. we were there for actually awhile, since we didn't want to leave too early; catherine was going to be there at 7:30. :| so yes, catherine, you were a burden! dude, talking to that guy on the webcam was hilarious... with all of us!! i bet we freaked him out. and i didn't know he could hear us!! or else i wouldn't have said that bushy 'brows comment! D:
lol. dung, hieu, diana, and i were always last!! but when catherine arrived... we were so slow, me, catherine, and dung actually lost them... so we went to a different route (not really, we went through claudia's street, waaaay behind them).
the complete highlight of the day was the magic house!! i remember he said, "this is a magic house. come in! come inside!" i thought he was a pedophile, but his wife was sitting in the living room. he was elderly, yet he was young at heart!! it was so fucking awesome. diana and i are totally going there again next year!! we didn't get to see all his tricks :( because he had a lot, and people were coming! it was only to his like doorway, so you can imagine how many people it could fit. too bad only me, catherine, dung, hieu, diana, and some other grove people we didn't come with saw it!! it was hella awesome. he said we gave him the first applause of the night!! he deserves more!! it was completely amusing!!! and it's hands on, so i did this magic slate thing... so cool :O even if it's illusions, it's fucking awesome!! :D
dude there was this haunted house! it was really impressive for something you can do by yourself. and at the "end", you can choose from all these nice candy/granola bars/chips!! it's really cool... and quite scary. it reminded me of last week, where me, kevin, and ashley went to life night's haunted house. it was pretty scary and fun, since we also went with tiffany, kea, judy, and nataly, but then it got kinda weird. church was fun though! :/ fucking stupid ass guys who "shat". the guy threw something at us, and it hit my head! i'm so gonna kick their....

anyway, at the end of the night, hieu, diana, and i walked home. we were locked out of the house, so we traded candy in the dark. :D i enjoy the deals we made, hieu! i traded my king size snickers bar for his halloween makeup (worth like, $4) dung bought for him... mwahahhaa, i hate snickers too >:D.

halloween was fun. it was a shame i couldn't spend it with my best friend. like, last year's was really fun (with nick a., nick j., melissa s., and justina)... even though i was only there for an hour. the pacifica area is pretty nice! :D

i don't know if i'm going to go next year. after all, i am getting old :(. and i wanna give out candy!! :D the joy of seeing young kids.

...getting candy. :PPP
kevin and catherine think i'm a pedo! :(


p.s. oh yeah, since i'm too lazy to post another entry... on saturday, we had a family gathering at catherine's house. it was same old same old, since i haven't gone to one in quite awhile. i talked to lots of (young) people, and many of the older ones asked me about how i'm doing in school. funny. catherine, cecelia, and i hung out at her room! except they stayed in there when we were supposed to pray. loooosers! :P and i stayed at catherine's house for like, 4 extra hours O_O. wow. you should hear catherine play the piano! not so shabby :). yep. so that was my weekend! bye loves!

Saturday, October 25


hey, everyone!
in my english class, we are supposed to write journal entries everyday corresponding to the daily topic. however, i rarely even answer the question and write about my days. instead of blogging, i channeled it old-school by "journaling". :) i'll just type what i thought in those days:

(written in 10-06-08)

lots of things happened this week. on october 4 (sunday), i went to nick's sixteenth birthday party!!! there was justina, quynh, raseana, and me. i wish quynh stayed longer, though :|. fornicating nick, lol. initially, we ate and then played bowling. nathaniel and i even tried bowling two balls in one lane! (well, he bowls too fast for me... :( so it failed.) dude, our lane was broken for so long! oh well. although it was first at westminster lanes, we later went to the promenade.
it was such an adventure, because i infinitely did new things that day!! i played ddr in public for the first time... with justina on the same dance "pad"! i went bowling for the first time. i ate at the miyako sushi bar at the promenade! and it was surprisingly good. we went to nick's house! he had boxers on the ground in his room, and he hastily attempted to cover them with his backpack. loser :D! justina and i played foosball. boy, is that game hard! we were so "high on life" at big lots! and i didn't like eagle eye :( it was so long, i was afraid i was going to urinate in my pants. so much new things done!! :D sadly, no pictures were captures of this day :(.
we even took hilarious photobooth pictures... i was blocked in almost all of them though (i'm at the top right corner :D) :( but it's okay, i love it anyway!! :D

happy belated birthday to kathy l. (oct. 5), stephanie n. (oct. 2), and nick a. (oct. 2)!
this reminds me... my birthday is also coming up. november 12, anyone?! :D
and happy early birthday to nancy t. (oct. 29), quynh k. (nov. 11), and du kim l. (nov. 15)!


Wednesday, October 22


oh dear!! there is so much things to talk about! only if i had the time to type all this shit out.
like, nick's birthday, early bird, school, homecoming!? and life, of course.
haha. i'm still alive :).


Sunday, October 12


i'm so tired...
): 12 hours...

bye for a week or so.
damn, i hope i remember stuff.


Friday, October 3


i wanted to wish my good friend, nick a., a very happy birthday! it was his sweet sixteenth, yesterday on october 2nd. if y'all attend my school, he was the white dude with corny balloons. and i also decorated his locker (lamely). oh well, i didn't finish my homework for that :P.

i'm so excited for you!
i wish for you to live... many years. LOL.
you'll understand when you see our card :P

shout outs to justina, aka ashley aka hannah montana. :) fuck those dimwitted simpletons who don't have the nerve to wear a wig to school, and harass others with courage. is it because y'all are embarrassed? yep, you won't go far in life. :P failure.
^ to those new to my blog/myself/etc., i'm usually *half* kidding around (yes, quite an unfunny one too..). otherwise i'm *three quarters* serious when i'm venting/ranting/being boring. i'm saying this because drama isn't for me, but awkward silences are. :P

oh, and i apologize for my shitty grammar. my excuse is that i'm a fob :B. although, in casual conversations, i don't really give a (as christine would say) kimchi to fix my errors. you can point them out though and see my reaction!


Sunday, September 28


hey everyone. no i'm not dead, thanks for wondering. i've just been really busy with school, sophomore class, and sleep.
i'll update this blog later.
there's not much to say except, well, my bike got stolen.
i was bawling earlier, but i'm okay after speaking to justina and stephanie. why cry over something inanimate? i don't know, i loved madeline (my bike). she was like a lame daughter.
my dad said i'll get a new bike. my mom told me to close the garage so we don't get anything stolen again (basically to learn from this). justina told me if i wanted, she'd get me a bike for my birthday. stephanie said that it was nothing, and she thought our father died or something. she also said if i improve my grades, i can get it for my birthday. brian offered to buy me another one, without the good grades ("forget good grades, let's get it next week!" to be exact). stephanie decided to get me one next week and trusting me i'll get better grades. i think i'm going to save up by working for my sister again... $190 down the drain...
although, for now, no new, expensive, cheap, old, whatever bike can replace my madeline.
it's alright, though. i was totally wailing, and thought today was the worst day of my life. i'm only 11 hours in, too. for once i felt worse than the day of my sister and not getting into grove's asb. but i'm sure, in the long run, this is nothing.
there's a long day ahead of me. gotta keep my head up.
thanks everyone.


Sunday, September 21


(this previously was a private entry, but it is now made public as of january 5, 2009)
hey everyone! no, i didn't die :). with all the school work i've gotten, there just hasn't been time for me to blog. i think i may even have to do weekly blogs for now on :'(. oh what a woe, because i love blogging like so. well, they're pretty tedious to do on a regular basis and develop this "homeworkesque" feeling.

a lot has happened this past week, so i'll blog again tomorrow (or try to).


Monday, September 8


again, another portion that suffices for a separate entry...

oh and significant update!! i did find the money! no, no one took it (or they did, and disguised it cleverly :O). my first drawer was pretty full, so the envelope, being on top of all that junk, fell off onto the bottom of my nightstand (and it got stuck). i made a video for you guys since it's pretty damn hard to explain.

on saturday, i went to ralston (tardy, again!)... but the club wasn't there! i walked to quyen's house, and thankfully, they were there. :P i'm pretty happy with what's going on. everything is so hard though! good luck especially to the dancers. y'all better thank sylvia later, regardless if you're content with the skit >:O. i went to 7-eleven and sylvia's house with quyen and tai. they're pretty darn silly! those two are so close (8. i'm more than satisfied with the role i chose/am going to play :D.

lisa was all over ralston, trying to find me. she even whined about "miscommunication". i'm going to openly admit my problem, because i miscommunicate all the damn time. lisa got pretty mad since i was at david's house, not quyen's, etc. luckily, everyone cooled off.

then i finally ran off to get my bike with the gang: lisa, david, thanh, and kevin! :D and i bought the one! woot! it cost way more than my meager $120, but no worries. lisa covered me ;).
so my new bike!! it's a beach cruiser (i know, you think it's overrated...), but cruisers are the cheapest/widely available option i have (and, they're cute!). i am unbearably lusting for a penny-farthing, though (they're just so sexy ;D). one day, susan, one day!!!


Sunday, September 7


god feels like i took a hiatus.. i haven't blogged for nearly a week! oh dear. (am i addicted?) i really hate trying to recap a lot of days, because i get extremely lazy to even type it all T_T. but, these past days have been muy importante.. yet it's kind of a blur to me.

mr. morris is hilarious! "the great depression ended because of the introduction or prozac." ap euro may just be my favorite class :O.

this is my (almost) final schedule:
period 1: spanish 2 - whiston
period 2: ap euro - morris
period 3: chemistry - lynch
period 4: pe - ?
period 5: trigonometry - neilson
period 6: english 2h - dos santos

the first day of school was somewhat fun. i got pretty tired and fell asleep during trig. i wasn't able to focus during english/chemistry.. what a fabulous start to the new year.
i don't have any friends in chemistry. although in english, i do, i can tell my "friends" don't really want to talk to me. :( i miss having christine and irving!!
damn, "lots" of homework this weekend. i *almost* feel bad for the freshmen ;D.
i was again late to meet up justina... second year in a row, 901238123 times in a row overall :(. i can be so fucking careless sometimes. sorry again!

i'm going to speak in second person, so don't freak out.
on friday, we finally mustered the courage to do it... i knew you didn't deserve us. you were a really great friend. our memories were really great; the three amigos :). you don't deserve any of the horrible treatment from us... i wasn't sure if you felt the same, but i knew you're too nice to ever confront us. i am really sorry for bawling and wailing like a bitch. i could not bear the pain. you were the first friend i've ever confronted. whenever i get annoyed or i don't like my friends, or whatever the reason is, i just stop talking to them. i block them/delete them/etc. from everywhere possible. i never had the heart to actually deal with them. you meant so much to us that we had no choice but to tell you the truth... i was crying like hell at home too... i don't know why i was so distraught (laughing while crying!??!).. probably because our past really affected my present life so much. i know we were supposed to be best friends. and for the people i'm supposed to be best friends with, this is the same case for all of them, though... i'm sad we didn't know each other as well as back then. and, i'm not a good friend to any of my friends. :( i've never done this before, so i didn't know what to expect, and it was too much for me to handle. i'm so sorry, x9120938498123.
i wish for your next best friends to be the best you'll ever have. i'll always remember and love you (ha.). xoxo, so long, farewell, good night sweet prince(ss).
(thanks miu miu fan for cheering me up and teaching me about emotional punishment :D and yes, ish, we finally managed to do it.. i don't know whether to feel triumphant or sad or laugh at how we surpassed the three strikes thing :P)

after feeling like heaps of shit, i thought i'd ought as well snooze. i woke up as if i was suffering from an incurable ennui. i tried to compact all my feelings into some balloon, so i can let it go and fly away. however, when i woke up, it felt like popped that damn balloon; everything was pretty much the contrary. sorry to everyone who i blew up to with my damned morose emotions.
i didn't eat for the whole day, but david & quyen made the whole fam bam curry for din din. it was scrumptious! it tastes just like the restaurant; you can't even tell it was prepared by novices. they gave us such generous servings, i felt nauseous a few minutes after the meal... not like that is a bad thing :P

lisa picked me up. i was so bummed, i decided to clean up my room with her. i wanted more hampers, so we took a detour to walgreen's... met up with kevin. it was so funny, eavesdropping to their "crunky" conversations. the american apparel book cover :D!! then some billion cups of yummy bubble milk tea ;D and cha = black tea?! *gags*

when i went home, there was no one else at my house other than the one and only stephanie!! she came home earlier than expected. she gave me dinero! ¡gracias, mi hermana mayor! for the first time ever, she didn't yell at us for a messy pad. she even offered to help! she's out of sorts, nowadays! :P

david kept on begging me to go to the new yogurt place. frankly, i'm fucking tired of frozen yogurt. ): maybe next time? :D

i finally received my third(?) subscription to interview (thanks susan!). i'm really darn excited! the cover has this metallic sheen, maybe alluding to the summer lamé? my favorite spreads were full of black and white pictures. coincidentally, i fell in love with these dior and gap ads. oh, and i found juergen teller (what, taking a picture of a picture of a picture taker?!).

annoying ass fruit flies.
whatever i forget to type in this blog entry, i'll cite in another. (i'm tired of typing, and so much has happened.)


Sunday, August 31


this was a major portion of my previous blog post, but it suffices for one new entry...

i need a sherlock holmes to help me solve this case--my bike savings money ($120) is gone! it was in a white envelope on the first drawer of my nightstand. i believe someone took it, because i don't remember taking it. my door was open for two consecutive mornings... it's significant, because i never sleep with my door open. however, my sister went to a sleepover for one night, but the day after she did not. the door was still open when i woke up. i also did not lock the entrance from the backyard to my house and the entrance from the front lot to my backyard.
however, i do sleepwalk (not so often anymore...), i lose things easily, my elder sister lisa does not recall accurately, my father has a snooping-his-daughters'-mail-stuff problem, klunkers chews anything made of paper, and my eldest sister, sharon, and my cousin, david, has a history of taking money from our rooms. lisa was the one who put it in the envelope, yet i checked it a few days after she put it in. the money was still there. david was over before lisa even put it in the envelope. lisa was the one who told me the money was gone. after interrogating sharon, she responded many times with a promise that she did not take the money. i checked klunkers' chewed remnants and nothing was green (bka the bills). i'm very paranoid with money so i try not to take anything over $50. hm... and the mystery continues on.
god, i just want my money back!!! :(


Saturday, August 30


recently i've been extremely lazy and reluctant to blog. i actually find a hassle to type everything, because even a thousand words can't completely recap an experience.
i discussed how i always forget what to type, with binnie. he said just jot it down asap... very helpful tip! however, i am no expert at (legible) shorthand. :(

what a clever little bitch... :P my dog just tipped over her water bowl (in the bathroom), spilling it over my tiles/carpet... and she quickly ran under my bed. when i nonchalantly passed by the bathroom, she crept out of the bed to see my reaction. sly twerp! (just kidding, i still love her very much... even though she gnaws at everything she sees!)

i was so furious at my younger cousin, denny, the other day, since he wouldn't allow diana to ride his bike... guess what?! some spikey object hit his tire, ahaha. he had to get it fixed. serves him right! *cough* murphy's law *cough*
besides... you know what i caught him doing in diana's bedroom?!?! he was fapping to hentai watching azumanga daioh which is even worse, in my opinion!! while i was laughing uncontrollably, he tried to defend himself by claiming the series was for boys and girls (what's the terminology? shōjo? shōnen?). loser! and no, kevin/ian (as they both sound gay ;) the same), that isn't hentai. P: i wish it was (just keeding kneading!).
diana makes terrific cookies and delicious, moist cake!

on thursday, i got a locker at school and bumped into nick a. we got a locker next to each other! mine is in the c-area, though, and he has a bottom locker.. sad! we encountered dukim, quynh, linh, catherine, etc. since nick and i live in the same neighborhood, we're going to walk to school together for the first day. after long conversations, i hung out with judy and catherine. we finally caught up to dukim and nick. judy and nick left, so we decided to hang out at costco... the hottest teenager hangout place 8)! actually, i failed to "sneak in", so i withered away into dust particles talked to african-american costco employee and "spied" on asian families. after a billion of years, catherine and dukim left costco and got me tons of things! i love you guys. thanks for the samples and hot dog :). after the whole costco fiasco :P, we found our way into the neighboring office depot, aka the best store ever. seriously, we spent three hours at that damn store. i blame catherine. then dukim and catherine did tons of math, that i believe i might've fallen a sleep for a moment! dukim's mother gave us a ride home, even though catherine was contemplating whether or not to get that damned grass jelly!

i was dropped off at catherine's pad, and we hung out. when i say 'hung out' i really mean watching celine dion - live in las vegas: a new day :P. her blu-ray disc player and her surround sound system was very impressive, but i swear... when my uncle/her dad came out, he urged her to make it if it was not loud enough already!! it was so loud, i had to yell to talk to her. unfortunately, when my request for a decreased volume was fulfilled, catherine whined about the decibel. it was actually pretty fun, but catherine kept on pestering me whether i wanted ice cream, soda, drinks, cantaloupes, apples, etc. we walked to cecelia's house, had a long discussion... or, rather, i had a long discussion. catherine was just hanging there, nodding. then i had to run back for the meeting.

after the whole trip, i ran back to quyen's house. yes, i was away for two days due to certain class of 2011 (sophomore class) relations. not much was accomplished on thursday, but it was interesting prying through quyen's stuff :P, drawing a certain entrance with dukim and hieu, and showing sylvia sketches. the meeting ended pretty late, and we were sketching for so long we didn't even know the meeting ended.

on friday, there was another '11 enchilada. i was pretty upset, because lisa wanted to go to los angeles with me. she left without me *sobs, to get crepes too!*, but the whole rendezvous was pretty fun. just hanging out with nyvia, binnie, hieu, sylvia, and dukim! i will only listen to sylvia if someone is forcibly shoving pizza down my throat! i swear, i didn't want to eat your pizza, nyvia! haha. sorry about my distinctive sharpie dent ): (no, not harvey dent!). oh dear, dent, the broken screen door, the "bridges", spilled varnish, what could i not do?! my sincere apologies :(. sylvia was extremely pro stat with her work. nice reenactment (dukim has an awesome sinister voice)! dukim, hieu, and i got delicious home depot "samples"... hehe. 7-eleven was funky! that creepy boy at church... and how you guys always need to pee. seriously!

today i went to westminster mall with dukim and hieu. but because i did not have my bike money, i could not buy anything... so much goodies at foreign exchange, too! sorry dukim and hieu, i was a total pooping snickerdoodle. my feet were hurting like a mother ship, and i just had to sit down wherever. i love how dukim is so harsh when hieu asks, "does this shirt look okay?" ;)
saw some similar faces.. notably jenny q.! ha :P sorry about the bath & body works thing, dukim :(. hieu's aunt gave me a ride home, thankfully... since certain people wouldn't pick up...

oh, and to father cow... thanks for not showing up to the wedding on thursday!! hmph *hates* >:( assertive, my ass! );

yes, it's been like, three days, and my life is still very boring!


Wednesday, August 27


i'm so very down today...

anyway, today i went to registration with justina. everything was alright, although the wait was long. we met up with binnie later. i'm not happy with my school picture, especially with my new guybrows... oh well. they'll grow on me.

so... this is my schedule. i'm very sad because i don't have any classes with justina... for another year. in eighth grade, we had the same exact schedule (i know, what are the chances!!). it's nothing close to that now.

guess what?! i was so oblivious and forgot my freaking book lock!! i had to walk home and carry all of my books! that was hell, because it was so damn hot.

justina got me many souveneirs from her vacation at 123898173 states (not exaggerating the number :O). thank you so much! i'm wearing the mardi gras necklaces (intricately tied with a neat ribbon!) she got for me from new orleans.. yeah that's right, it's authentic!! 8)

sorry for laughing at your id card.. trust me, it's not even close to being bad!! when i saw my picture, it was hideous.. and i didn't even laugh! see?! :) right?! RIGHT?! D:
i seem like such a bitch sometimes.. sometimes those moments are just prone to laughter.

when i walked home, after justina left for home after the library.... my feet were so amazingly dirty.. which is weird, because my feet is never dirty. i mean, i guess my nails are lame looking, but disregarding that... i don't know how my feet could get so gross!! so mysterious... i don't want to wear sandals anymore. D:

anyway, i'm done with this blog. :) love y'alls.


p.s. stephen king look-alike, lol!

Tuesday, August 26


hey everyone! oh god, i just burnt my fingers (got melted cheese all over).. it is extremely painful to type! yet, i will continue :)

on another note.. you know how people call my skin "pasty" or "light" (as if it's a good thing)? i don't agree, at all. does it fucking matter if you're light or dark? i think it matters if you have an even tan or not! look at my wretched contrasting skin color: my lovely farmer's tan
(don't worry, i was wearing clothes. :P)
this is raw! the lighter skin (my stomach) is my natural skin tone. i never show off my stomach flab or anything, so it's pretty light compared to my arm's shade (the darker yellow-brown). also, my face isn't light at all.. my cheeks are quite ruddy. :)

my farmer's tan is incredibly noticeable, from my area where the t-shirt sleeve covers all the way to my lower thighs. i wish i had even, dark skin. i need a golden tan! feel grateful, guys! you guys look fantastic with darker skin.

today i got my eyebrows threaded at ziba near maggiano's (near south coast).. and i look very different. i have a farmers tan, too! damn. also, you know what the indian lady said to me?! "do you want me to do the moustache?" :( so mean! i think she did kind of a good job (yes, it grew on me!) even though it is sort of uneven if you stare at it for 5 or so minutes.
here are the pictures... although justina has already seen them :P


yes, my awesome acne. i know you love it. ):

yeah. i know. it looks weird. D: fuck you! just kidding. and tomorrow is picture day too! yikes!! oh well.
here are more pics, for your shear entertainment (i know y'all want a good laugh!)
1 2 3 4 5

it hurt a lot.. it was like, the thread was carving through my eyelid or something. i miss how sylvia did my brows--they were hella nice!

i'll miss my caterpillar guybrows. :(


p.s. spank you, linh! (:

Monday, August 25


(note to self: break the 20, for david/school!)
i finally had a school-related dream, which i think is my first time this summer (or perhaps second?). i always have a dream in the summer about my first day of school, and it always goes wrong. thus i'm constantly paranoid the few days before school starts. in this dream, i went to school with justina and melissa. they had first period chemistry together, and i was walking with them until i realized i didn't have my schedule!! the first day requires you to pick up your schedule before class, but i guess i was late.. and i didn't register either. i was totally panicking. hahaha, i was like, "i wish this was a dream!!" in my dream.

i'm really not excited to go to registration, let alone start on my ap euro homework. nothing is worse than being unprepared for school. i'm still in denial that school is starting next week. *sobs* i haven't even started on my classic book yet!!

anyway, as promised.. a blog dedicated to the beloved father cow!
i wrote a haiku for you, kt!

all i heard was moo
flushed out was a baby (calf)
i want to eat veel

;) lovely isn't it?
kathy, i remember the first time i met you this year (thanks justina for introducing us ;P), you were flabbergasted and exclaimed to nancy, "nancy, nancy! this is catherine's cousin!" and nancy tranquilly laughed and responded, "umm, yeah.. i know." (hehe, you gotta love nancy!) i remember the times you and justina practiced the mesa presentation. great job, g's! (sorry about this, but i'm going to continue on in fragments.. :( i hope you're not a grammar nazi!) man, you and old men! and i'm talking about ooooold men. hehe. gay couples. your secret affairs with jen is sta and my sister (yes i know!! it hurts so much D'8). how chinese people look so damn young! foreign clips. how much you love linh. your pasty, pale, white skin(/fur). my bushy eyebrows (which, by the way, i'm getting threaded.. por la mañana!). chatrooms. your invisibility. outback steakhouse. animal cruelty, specifically against cows/vegetables. grafitti drawings! facebook facebook facebook. ew, imvu. your unpronounceable screen name ("jussie/justie"/ishmeal told me they're psychologists). your (underground) milk business. your cogent manner. your infinite mistresses. logos adler, whoever fuck that is. blogging. papa cow. that chinese guy in the dark knight. "For those of you who haven't been giving birth, >=[ *cough Furr furr cough* I demand 999 little cows by next Friday!!!!!" your funny ass xanga posts. copy and pasting. how normal you are. immortality. michael miu? michael MOO?! cow hawtness. the big 43. the 63+ nameless cows. "moomy, moonry, cowster, cowia, mooocow, etc." gay little cow. your intelligence. yadda yadda.

i can ramble on, especially with you. i love your awry advice. we are both made of nonsense. right... right?!?! and you better read this whole blog, this was all dedicated to YOU!!!

furr furr

Friday, August 22


i'm actually glad to learn i do, indeed, have readers. gosh guys, can you like, comment or something?! usernames aren't required to comment (no sign-up pages!), and you may comment anonymously. feel free to spam, or whatever :) well, just knowing i have a few chums who read is a fair reason to still blog! yay.

oh! and about the garage sale! now, when i said it was going to charity, i was not lying. we were sponsored by st. columban church. i'd say we profitted over $200! if it's for a good cause, why not? i didn't really want those old clothes anyway.

due to biking for over 4 hours, i ripped/strained my calf muscle (or injured something at the shin area)... so i slightly limp now. it's not funny! it was pretty embarrassing when i got onto david's bike and fell off in pain... in front of diana's neighbors (aka my classmates). hopefully it heels soon.. i am a wounded person for now. :(

klunkers bit/ripped my sister's favorite pair of denim shorts! now lisa won't allow her inside anymore... :( so i let her in when lisa isn't home. :D

the most memorable day of my summer was wednesday, august 20. first, i was dropped off at diana's house. i woke up david (note to self: i owe him $6!), chilled for a bit. he's pretty comfortable living there! awesome blossom. diana woke up, and we just hung for a bit. then i dashed out of the house to dart towards claudia's house (sophomore class, represent!). i was in time for the meeting (and not all weird sweaty, like last time.. hieu! :D) i saw binnie in all of his flair! haha :) the meeting was pretty fast, just discussed a few things. i walked home with hieu, and we did the usual... gossip. actual, i was venting most of the way there (sorry hieu!), but hieu is always so lovely and kind so he listened. hehehe. while we were passing by quyen's house, we encountered two of the badminton boys with tai and denny. we got to their house, and we talked/ate. although we considered going to 7-eleven (we often do), we actually didn't this time. i played diana's laptop, chit chatted with hieu until he had to run off somewhere. i was cool alone, installed some webcam program. i talked to a few people on aim. diana came home, too. david and quyen were away, occupied with this dance camp thing. then diana spontaneously wanted to bake cake (with a pillsbury cake mix, due to lack of materials and originality :D). i chose the devil's food cake, because no one really likes chocolate cake (just kidding, i do!). diana and i messed up, a lot. we guessed the measurements for the water and oil, so the batter ended up really thick. although, i think that's intentional since the cake is always so rich. then, diana got the cupcake pan, which was too big for her toaster oven (the real oven doesn't work.. don't ask). we attempted to cut it in half since it was made with some form of thin, aluminum metal. we even looked for a saw at quyen's place. after failing numerous times, we ran back to tai's pad and asked him to do it for us. luckily, everything was successful. i remember saying, "hey, maybe we should ask denny then." tai said, "no, denny's weaker than me." hear that, denny?! you're weak! anyway, the finished product was not as chocolatey as expected, but mediocre for beginners/noobs. we frosted two, put in two birthday candles, lit them.. and ran back to tai's place. unfortunately, before that, i did this dirty sanchez thing for fun. and i licked it off, believing it was all gone. however there was still remnants apparent. when i entered tai's room, tai burst out in laughter! the cupcakes were supposed to be a surprise, but he saw them. after washing my face off (also emblematic for cleansing my humiliation), we gave tai a cupcake.. and i reluctantly gave one to denny. he said it was gross, so i lamely retorted, "whatever, denny. you suck." and then he said he was just kidding. lameass :P. we ran back and enjoyed some cupcakes. we ran out back.. killed some wasps/hornets since their were rebuilding their nest/hive! we got in the mood for biking, so we washed diana's bike (i accidentally typed 'back'.. yep we washed diana's back! :D) i rode on david's bike. diana had to teach me how to ride a bike, again! i haven't ridden a bicycle in years, and plus, his wheels were 26". i'm not used to that height D:. diana was like my mother. when i finally got the gist of it, diana said it hurt to let me go.. and i was growing up so fast. hahaha! then we went back in. diana gave me some of her homemade wine, which she got from relatives who own grape vines. it was utterly disgusting! i hate the bitter aftertaste, yuck. diana liked it though. we played rock band--i mean, cock band, for a little while. by now we tried to get back on our bikes, but this is when i fell off in pain. diana nurtured me :P and i asked justina for help. i tried to rest, and diana got me a wooden stick which worked out as a cane. i made signs for my "cyba homies", most notably jimmy. i took lots of shitty pictures, yay! i went on a youtube stream with justina and her cousin amy. then diana was getting pretty impatient, so we resumed our bike adventure. we were probably gone for like two hours or so... riding around st. columban church. we were telling each other so much secrets and went down memory lane!! then a chain's links broke, but piecing them together was just so symbolic thus far. it was around 10 pm, so after exchanging many classified stories, we rode home. we heated some meat, and then went to the bathroom. then we resorted to diana's room, where suddenly her parents came home.. along with david and quyen. they stood dumbfounded, because the kitchen was all filled with smoke!!! we left a wooden thing so close to the stove, and left the heating pan unattended. damn us!! luckily, it was diana's mistake, so it was treated as a petty foible. i told diana something sad, and we were obligated to wash the dishes for david. i spoke a bit with quyen and dave, then rushed out. lisa was picking me up. right when i was thinking the day was ending, i found out lisa was with joseph.. which is always fun! after lisa dropped me off, they were saying how they wanted to go to freaking wal-mart! trust me, the time was like, 10:45 pm. joseph said there were cheap cruisers, and i was in a need of a bike! i had earned a sum of $120, so i was alright with buying a bicycle. they got all excited, since they needed cheap things too. i ran inside to check the times of wal-mart, and unfortunately, all the near ones closed at 10. i ran out with the laptop, and they used the handy store finder, and found a 24-hour one at chino and baldwin park! if you guys don't know, i'm from orange county.. and those cities are in los angeles/inland empire. lisa said thanh was okay with going that far!!! so i ran back in to print out directions, but sadly, the computer took 10 minutes to turn on and print it out! so damn slow! oh well. then i had to sign on aim :P but lisa called me, and said just leave. i already had printed them out. :P hahah. i ran out with my money, and joseph left for thanh's house. thanh was in kevin's suv, so we could haul the bike. we rode off, and they kind of got lost!! i freaked out, and was whining saying shit like, "omg we're gonna die 2day!! y god y!!??" it was really fun though. they gossiped, i talkd about abdc with joseph (asiid is forever in my heart!). then they got the munchies, so we took a detour, and stopped at rosemead. everywhere was closed, and we finally copromised with carl's jr. yum, fast food. then we went back on the road, and got to the wal-mart supercenter! that was the first time i've ever seen a super center.. and hell, that is like heaven! we looked around for shirts and stuff, and by the time we went to the bikes... there were no bikes i liked! joseph said we basically went there for no reason, but lisa said don't be negative. i was hella sleepy, and by now it was like 1 am. i was so drowsy, i think i bumped into a few things. when we got back into the car, i fell asleep two thirds the way home. joseph ran out since i think he had an emergency (hehe ;D). i didn't even thank thanh for the ride, since i was so sleepy i didn't notice. sorry!! it was really fun, but i was just glad to go to bed. god, hanging out with people 4+ years older than you is really tiring! i fell asleep instantly when i got to bed (it was like, 2 am). wonderful day!!! so fun :D

however, the day after wasn't as fun. actually, it was pretty shitty.
oh well! *throws salt over left shoulder*

binnie and i are planning a picnic/bonfire, too! more news on that later, dolls. (dolls? first time i ever used that. sean uses weird shit like 'oops poops', 'fobulous', and shiz. holy moley.)

+ note to self: my next post will be dedicated to 'father cow'. :D

so sorry this blog was long! and sorry if you guys read the whole thing :P


p.s. i wish i was ambidextrous. :(

Tuesday, August 19


dedicated to the foremost people who are gone

you truly begin to appreciate things in life when they're gone. i feel like i've taken them for granted... the people that mean so much to me.
i can't believe you guys are gone.... (sorry readers, i am going to be extremely redundant with "remember".. just warning you guys!!)

david - for a major portion of the year, you were like my best friend. i could tell you anything, and you told me your lame secrets. it was so cute in a dorkish kind of way. i remember when we had p.e. together, and we dreaded c... and we mocked j's voice. oh god, and those awesome cousin days! oh, and when you cried, and i told lisa it was her fault? davidio (lol, old school!), even though you lost/broke lots of my shit, i forgive you. i hated it when you got into fights with susan. i remember when i explained my internet life to you... i remember when you told me awkward moments. i remember when i cried to you when i didn't get into asb. i remember you told me i was stupid. i remember going to peters with you for gate, and we hated it like fuck! i remember when we went to huntington beach, and you gelled your hair like potato chips smothered in crisco. i remember when it was so amazingly boring hanging out with our friends, yet we'd still wanna hang out with them over and over. i remember ralphs and that wierd disney guy. i remember snooping around your pics and asking, "oh who's this cute guy!? ;)" ewww, mr. kenney's class! i remember when those guys at the cafeteria called you a fag, and i remember getting so mad... i still hate them to this day (and if you are one of those guys, yes i do remember who you are.) i remember venting to you. i remember the first day you moved in, and i will always remember when your mom barged in and screamed at us! oh, and remember when we went on top of your dad's car?! and he whooped our asses.. including me! i'll remember the stories susan told us about you, and how stephanie always took care of you. i also remember when we went on the church playground, and made you swear you wouldn't tell anyone? oh. and the crush club!!! quyen and i were the bomb. bwahahhaah.
then you got actual friends (hehe), and you were rarely home. sometimes it was awkward, sometimes you'd slap my ass like you were here forever. i didn't want you to move even though you made the house really messy... i miss you already. keep in touch brah. have fun at bolsa, bitch! xoxoxo

susan - when i was a kid, i always thought you were in your own world. it was only 'til 2005-2006 where i grew closer to you. i'm going to remember all those amazing times you brought me to (also known as restaurants!). venice beach! seal beach! dana point...beach! laguna niguel! hanging out with diana for days... grubbing off staples/office depot. black friday. stretching out your clothes. commencement. gossiping about others. complaining. telling each other how ugly we are. our big/flat noses. small eyes. my shitty teeth, and your amazingly straight teeth (get this, she never had braces! even our dentist said they were perfect).. get your wisdom teeth out already! i'll remember those movie nights, watching friends for hours! eating pho at 1am, staying up until 7am... you were the first nocturnal person i have ever met! winnie the pooh shit. doing that mouth thing to babies. those korean girls that glared at us!! all we did was laugh it off. you taught me to shrug everything off, and not take things seriously. you are almost my role model, since you're so goddamn independent. and no matter how much times you say it, i am actually scared/intimidated of you. i remember venting to you about my friends, and you'd do the same. prankcalling bingo's! you lecturing me about the internet, so you could get on.
i'll never forget our endless arguments. i'm really sad your gone. stephanie kept on telling me we were like best friends... i don't like to think siblings can be best friends, and besides.. i never really told you about my social life (other than venting), but hey, you're next up on that list!! i miss you so much. btw, don't tell anyone (as you've apparently already told lisa) about me crying. that was personal.. god. but anyway, whatever. send me christmas gifts! have fun in the bay area, hella! hella hella hella hella. remember diana & i sticking our middle fingers at you, susan boozin' losin'! activate your facebook again, i wanna see our pictures together. the closet is so bare without your clothes! sorry about the hangers. sorry for also deleting limewire :P miss you lots, roomie!!

stephanie - what can i say, step-on-me? when i was a kid, you were actually my favorite sister. you were my role model, since you did so well in school. i remember how you don't like hugs, and yet i still hug you all the time when you come down here! i remember you once said my drawings of letters were cute.. so i drew you a whole bunch, and then you got freaked out. good times... i remember when you guys ganged up on me since you found an essay i wrote on how a chick was "hot", yet if a girly/pretty person said "omg shes soo hot~~" it's okay? thanks guys for discriminating. whatever. i remember all those burnt vcds, and you asked us what we wanted. or those surprise visits, and you cussed us out on how messy the house was (blame david! :P). i remember those times when we "lived" in your dorm/apartment.. and how that one time in that big house, i couldn't come and i cried! and then sharon said, "we can be like captain planet!" and i cried more. i remember the time on aim you told us you bleached your hair blonde, and we totally panicked, and you said "april fool's!" i remember all the ucla food! yum! or your spaghetti/lasagna/teriyaki. i remember how you complained to me about them, but i'd never understand. you confronted me about a lot of things, and taught me a lot of things.. i wish i was close to you when i was a child.. or close to any of our sisters. it's such a shame i realize how much i love you guys all when you guys are gone. honestly, susan and i talked about you... we said how we were so happy to see you happy, and we wished you and b get married. good luck with bry bry... long live chubbs! i am glad to do the work for you anytime. i remember how you used me as an example for your personal statement essay for ucla! or, i mean, oo-kluh! :) i always miss when you come home and then you leave us!!! god! i blame david for that too :P oh, and david loves you sosososo much. hahaha. i remember when you drove me to school because i was going to be late! i enjoyed those little moments i shared with you.. hope you come back to oc! and fyi, i did miss you when you moved out. gosh!!!

lisa - lisa, lisa, lisa, lisa!!! i'd say, while growing up, i was closest to you. now i'm in high school, and we barely talk.. let's reminisce. i remember those brookhurst days! chris counted on my best friend at the time (amethyst) while we were on the swings, so he'd be next to me. and then you yelled at him for counting on my friend! those cafeteria meals and when we got seconds... having a share of m's candy, or how your friend v and n said i was cute. hanging out with your sixth grade friends! then when we moved to anaheim... god. that was hell! you went to ralston though... yeah. i remember acting all girly with you, hanging out with your friends.. walking everywhere. when you became asb vice president!! and how vice has a negative connotation. ;) your physics teacher, hahaha. oh fuck, you were the one who taught me how to wear a bra/shave my legs/have a fashion style. i remember how you helped me campaign for treasurer in seventh grade, and i lost miserably. oh my god, being roomies with you at the big house!! we'd always get mad at each other, yet hey.. you got the higher bed! sorry about how klunkers stained your shirts/sheets/blankets... :( thanks for all the grub though, from boiling crab to in & out.. or that time you wanted to bond with me, and took me to tastea. and then the lines were too damn long so we went back. i had my first frozen yogurt/crepes with you, even though you promised me you were going to take us to yogurtland! that never happened, even still. i remember when me and susan saw you chilling with your friends at that one pho place!! or how you vented about how hard asb was, and warning me not to take ap euro. stop trying to get me to go shopping with you! haha. oh and please get over v, and stop trying to entice j! just kidding. arb (that was from quyen by the way!).. oh yeah, and i remember my first curse word to you--"damn". you told me never to say that again :P. look at me now, i almost curse like a sailor (not really). oh, and i assure you i am not a lesbian. i would tell you who i like(d) (other than s!!), but i don't want to. :P
nowadays, you always ask me to hang out with you. seriously though, i don't want to waste money. and besides, i don't like your judging eyes :P. thanks for trying to bond with me, and t is very nice. hahaha. whatever that potato-inside-her-car meant, do whatever! have fun in la jolla/sd, bitch.

i (am going to) miss you all... can't believe we all lived at the same house the same time. hahaha.
mail me some letters, hoes!


Saturday, August 16


today is the garage sale, shudders.

anyway, i'm making run-of-the-mill money, but money is money. :)

i got a haircut at the infamous paul mitchell school. it's just a normal layered style. i don't have a lot of hair (i don't get white hair, albeit i lose hair due to stress), so i didn't want to try something funky and new/trendsetting. luckily, my hair is straight and thin so everything went smoothly... except, she told me, "your hair is very healthy!" (thanks! :D) "i can tell you don't use any products!" (...j _j no i don't lolol). you def get what you pay for, but david's haircut was just plain sad. :( sorry brah.
anyway, stop by because it is like gay heaven in there. hottest guys alive, hehe.

oh, to everyone i've told, i am still attending gg!! yay~
honestly, though, i wouldn't mind going to pacifica...

klunkers (my dog, if you must jog your memory) is well again. she's been eating her dog food, and she stopped vomitting. she's still in her heat cycle (staining my sheets, seriously), so i gotta get her sprayed soon. and, this is going to sound lame (like when i told justina!), but when i lie down, klunks licks the insides of my nose (aka nostrils). but the thing is, it kinda hurts!!! it's like she's licking away my skin or something... :(

i'm going to shamelessly admit this: the reason why i love blogs so much is for those users that critique restaurants/meals/food. it's deliciously intense and satisfying. great for your taste buds (yes, to imagine the food in your mouth!! gosh is that sucha crime!!!). the high quality pictures fit the hype. each crit is capricious, since they have a broad price range. even though their censorious reviews are vivid enough, i'm willing to say they're taking a partisan stand... as an excuse for me to try the food myself.
i just have to give some shout-outs to:

thanks for making me happy!


edit: oh, and i forgot to mention! my sleeping pattern is superb. i'm sleeping at like, 7 or 8 pm. i wake up at 6 or 7 am! hurrah!

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